<<<== LFN developed template notices which any SA employee or citizen, facing mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations/ SARS-COV-2 testing, may use & get FREE legal backup.

Reyno De Beer. LFN President

Anti-Lockdown Campaign: Our Court Cases & defiance
(Download the Stamped 2 June 2020 Court Order)

Our Principles & Donation Details…
We don’t beg for money. We receive donations, because People value what we achieve.

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Who we are

LFN is a not for gain voluntary association fighting for the right to equal justice for all, especially in relation to stop all evictions.

Why we are

Our people haven’t been liberated, until everyone can freely access our Courts to get justice.

What we do

LFN represents our members in Courts and diverse Tribunals or Commissions without expecting any remuneration.

Judicial Corruption

Judicial corruption refers to corruption related misconduct of judges and magistrates, through receiving or giving bribes, improper sentencing of convicted criminals or granting civil orders, bias in the hearing and judgement of arguments and other such misconduct, including corruption by Court officers.


LFN beliefs that the legal profession of South Africa is the main culprit for all inequalities through its self-entitlement over our legal system and monopolising access to our Courts. Every person has got the right to be represented in Court by a person of his choice!

Justice 4 U !

We help and provide legal advice and representation to our members without expecting any remuneration…

Legal Practitioners have been unsuccessfully accusing us of transgressing the Legal Practice Act, 2014 by providing services only they may do. Join us as a member to find out how we legally operate to great frustration of the SA legal fraternity….