FREE Assistance Against Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccines and Testing


It is with regret to inform the public that LFN is unable to receive new matters for mandatory COVID-19 vaccination policies at this point in time as a result of having reached our limit with our current resources. Kindly return from time to time to see whether this suspension had been uplifted.

For Employees

At last, LFN developed two template notices (Form 1 and Form 2) which any South African employee, facing mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations or SARS-COV-2 testing, may use and receive FREE legal backup. Kindly download these notices hereunder…

For Citizens…

LFN also developed a template notice which any South African, facing mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations or SARS-COV-2 testing in another setting as an employee, may use and receive FREE legal backup. (e.g. Retirement Villages, Block of Flats, Sectional Titles Scheme, Gym, Preschool, etc.) Kindly download this notice…

For Citizens_210812-F-VaccinationTestingNotice

For Employees

Form 1: Inquiry

Form 1 is used when your employer is making an inquiry into your COVID-19 status and has not yet formally made a mandatory vaccination policy for the workplace.

(PS: Form 1 was updated on 11 November 2021. Kindly discard the previous version Inq2/2021)

211111-Form 1-EmployerCOVID19Inquiry_Inq3of2021

For Employees:

Form 2: Protected Disclosure

Form 2 is used once your employer has made a mandatory vaccination policy which also includes yourself, after you have submitted Form 1. Form 1 must always be used first, unless the policy has been made already when you are required to provide your vaccination status – at that point BOTH Form 1 and Form 2 must be submitted.

(PS: Form 2 was updated on 1 December 2021. Kindly discard the previous version 1/2021)

211201-Form 2-ProtectedDisclosureEmployer_V2of2021

Conditions of Use: Any South African employee or citizen in need may use these notices in their unaltered format for the purpose intended free of charge. Important: All completed notices must be emailed to the Employer or other Defaulter and cc’d to the LFN Legal Department at LFN commits itself to assist any employee facing an occupational detriment or any person facing discrimination otherwise as a result of deciding not to be vaccinated or tested, free of charge within our capabilities without expecting any form of remuneration.

  1. Some valuable Tips:
  2. Never get involved in any medical, scientific or legal argument with your employer or other defaulter – You will loose it.
  3. All you have to do is to sit back and let the employer or other defaulter submit all their proof that mandatory vaccinations are justified. The onus of proof is on them, not you.
  4. You have a right to choose not to get vaccinated and no one may take that right away from you – you may not be prejudiced in any way for making such a decision.
  5. You are welcome to email us on in case you have any legal query.
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