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Stop Evictions

LFN aims to stop all types of evictions from land and for landowners and occupiers to resolve disputes peacefully. Please join this fight…

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The Liberty Fighters Network (LFN) is a contemporary fundamentalist voluntary association group forming a common law universitas with perpetual succession, legal status separate from its members, group not for gain and where its assets and liabilities are held in its own name.

LFN consists of economically oppressed South Africans and lawful residents of all different groups as members, in particular inviting the economically oppressed from the white minority to join the struggle against the evil of class differences and inequality.

LFN is a group conscious of our duty in terms of the Preamble of the African Charter (paragraph 8) to achieve the total liberation of our country and Africa, the peoples of which are still struggling for their dignity and genuine independence and undertaking to eliminate all forms of oppression and which further aims to empower our people to govern ourselves where decision-making is centred within workable units instead of a corrupt Government or executive body driven by the root of all evil, greed.

We are striving towards economical freedom for all in our lifetime, irrespective race, religion or sexual orientation. LFN beliefs that the lack of economical freedom is the result of the corrupt legal system we are aiming to reform.

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