Our Principles & Donation Details

Dear Liberator,

We’re South Africans citizens like you! Some of us have children and spouses. We battle traffic, we struggle to pay the bills, and we definitely don’t have enough time to do the things we love.

Our lives have become smaller than those our parents lived. We fear that our children’s lives will become even smaller. People talk about ubuntu, the world as a village where we’re all connected, but that’s only a dream. Our reality is one of fear.

We’re sick of crime, unemployment, banks robbing us, overpriced inferior education, the erasing of our country’s many languages, the destruction of community spirit and family units. The list goes on and on and on…

At the root of it is the rich getting richer off the backs of the poor getting poorer. That masquerades as democracy, where we’re expected to vote for political parties instead of people that we know and can hold accountable. These parties compete with ideas, make people choose sides, make us hate each other for something we don’t understand and for promises that they’ll never deliver. There’s too much yelling about strangers who are supposed to be our enemies instead of focusing on accomplishing things for the people they’re supposed to be caring for.

If we step back far enough, these political parties no longer look that different – funded by mysterious figures and organisations, backstabbing each other for bigger salaries, fighting and climbing in a manner that never results in the public being uplifted.

That our lives keep getting worse must mean that our political system is a large lie toying with us through the sugar of hope and salt of fear, tantalising our emotions instead of giving us something we can bite into.

We’re not conspiracy theorist nuts but we’re not afraid to state that there are conspiracies against us. We understand that it’s safer to hide because if power wants to get us, it will. But that doesn’t mean that we’re helpless. So some step forward with support from others outside of view.

We’re a small group of citizens who realise that we cannot change the world but that we can change something in front of us. We can’t criticise the politicians if we’re not criticising ourselves first. Our first step was realising we’re not helpless, that we’re responsible too.

We’re not communists or socialists or democrats, or any particularly ideology. Silver spoons are questionable but no hard worker should suffer at the expense of the lazy. Our compromise would be a mixture of social security and restricted capitalism, a society where one can achieve but not at the harsh expense of the majority.

What counts is that we’re important, every single one of us that believes in a shared future. The protection of citizen rights is our foundation, our road to liberty. We don’t want to be treated less than any other. There’s no politician, judge, lawyer or headmaster that is better than any of us because they are us.

We want the Constitution of South Africa to stand for something we can use and trust. For that, we are the Liberty Fighters Network.

Liberation Greetings,

Reyno De Beer

LFN President & Founder

Please consider making a voluntary donation of your choice in supporting our campaigns to invest in your children’s future. LFN is the ONLY organisation that continuosly opposes the Lockdown and we have many pending matters in our local courts, tribunals and even before the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights…


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