Liberty Fighters Network (LFN), who lodged their complaint with the African Union’s Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights (ACHPR) against the serious human rights abuses in South Africa in early October, have requested the Commission to table the complaint at the upcoming 69th Ordinary Session. LFN says the abuses and infringements on human rights in this country ensue from the illegal enforcement of the national state of disaster, the associated regulation, and the continued attempts by the government to coerce people into a vaccination program which has led to many unlawful dismissals. Worldwide, LFN’s complaint is the only matter of its kind which has followed the full legal process nationally before correctly petitioning an international body.

During the upcoming ACHPR’s 69th Ordinary Session, running from 15 November 2021 to 5 December, LFN has been accepted as a participant in the Commission’s public sessions and will be permitted to submit statements. LFN has already been notified by the secretariat that one of its complaints relating to judicial corruption, lodged in 2019 against the Republic of South Africa, has also been scheduled for seizure.

LFN President Reyno De Beer’s request to table the latest complaint about capture was necessitated by the fact that the ongoing human rights violations against most of our people are severe. Furthermore, the outcome of the procedure will affect the entire African continent.

It would be interesting to see how the Commission reacts to this request,” says De Beer. Recalling last years’ catastrophe, LFN’s President hints that “with the local elections due on Monday, it is generally expected that the government will return to stricter COVID-19 measures for the holidays; just as it happened last year, resulting in a complete debacle for the tourism industry.”

To date, not even every 5th South African has submitted to the senseless and illogic tyranny the Government wishes to impose in full, and possibly forever, which has resulted in their so-called vaccination scheme being way behind target.

Once the AU observes that our government had no information available to justify a national state of disaster at the time of its declaration some 19 months ago, we are hopeful that other conservative AU states would also want to back our challenge in exposing the real truth behind COVID-19,” De Beer emphasized. In this context, the LFN team has already embarked on an awareness drive within African diplomatic circles. LFN will continue to be the vanguard for all who choose not to submit themselves to an unverified and childish narrative. South Africans are reminded that even the government itself has quietly admitted having no clue whether the target of its restrictions is an actual health crisis or if it could be bio-terrorism, or even “something completely different.” What has been admitted, however, is that the mRNA vaccines are no vaccines at all as they do not provide any immunity from anything. “If you submit to the propaganda and get vaccinated just to get your freedom back, you have lost it already,” warns the LFN President.

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