Public Protector Probes Government’s Cloud Seeding Activities

Liberty Fighters Network (LFN) this week lodged a formal complaint with the Public Protector, Adv. Busisiwe Mkhwebane, to probe the cloud seeding and geoengineering activities by government amidst the 2019 announcement of the erstwhile Minister of Water and Sanitation, Ms. Lindiwe Sisulu, that these controversial methods would be utilised to combat the effects of the claimed “climate change” facing South Africa and the world.

Although Minister Sisulu was the bearer of news, government had been utilising and experimenting on these weather manipulation sciences for decades already and apparently also used by the SANDF in Angola during the Bush War of the 1970-80s.

LFN President, Reyno De Beer, stated in the complaint that he himself witnessed aeroplanes performing activities appearing to be cloud seeding directly over areas of Pretoria at the very time Kwazulu Natal washed away last month which resulted in the country facing its second national disaster declaration the past two years.

The complaint further states that there is sufficient evidence to suggest that the adverse weather conditions could be self-made and not merely effects of “climate change”, whether government is directly responsible or grossly negligent in not properly controlling this potentially dangerous technology, is definitely a matter of public interest especially for those who have lost loved ones and extensive damage to their property.

Upon LFN formally requesting all cloud seeding data for the past three years from the South African Weather Services during April, it shockingly responded by email that “[U]nfortunately, we do not have that kind of data.” Thus, government does not regulate this, now profiteering, industry.

The Public Protector on Thursday by letter acknowledge receipt of this important complaint and indicated that she is attending a preliminary investigation into the LFN’s concerns in order to establish the severity thereof.

I was totally flabbergasted when my family and I saw the cloud seeding trails over our city at the very time our country was already flooded and dams full to capacity” stressed De Beer. “This is the straw which has broken the camel’s back for me in relation to abusing the Disaster Management Act based on incomplete, inaccurate and fallacious explanations”.

Anyone having evidence of cloud seeding must please forward your information to

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