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We Shall not Obey the Unconstitutional and Invalid Lockdown!

(As long as our cases are still on appeal challenging the constitutionality and validity of the Lockdown Regulations, NO ONE may be found guilty of transgressing any Lockdown Regulation on any level, not only Levels 3 & 4 as the mainstream media claims. All those cases must wait pending the outcome of the appeal!)

In order to prevent or defend criminal prosecution of any claimed Lockdown Regulation, simply rely on our High Court Order dated 2 June 2020 which declared the Disaster Management Act Regulations as unconstitutional and invalid, with the exception of only a few as highlighted therein.

Please consider making a voluntary donation of your choice in supporting our campaign to invest in your children’s future. LFN is the ONLY organisation that continuosly opposes the Lockdown in our Courts and has a pending matter before the Supreme Court of Appeal…


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On 4 August 2020 Gareth Cliff interviewed Reyno De Beer on (Watch the Interview)
Reyno De Beer Unpacking the Court Judgment of 30 June 2020….