‘Don’t let your guards down too soon’ urges LFN

“As we have planned and expected would happen, not to face any further humiliation, the President has announced a major relaxation of the Disaster Management Regulations days before our important Court hearing on 26 August 2020 “, says the President of Liberty Fighters Network (LFN), Reyno De Beer.

LFN are relieved to see that some of the relaxations which we have specifically challenged in our latest court papers have been addressed. However, LFN is urging everyone not to be too relaxed as the ANC-led government has over and over proven to the people of South Africa that it may easily backtrack on its word.

In our papers before the High Court in Pretoria we have therefore requested the Order of 2 June 2020 to be made operational with immediate effect. The net effect of the Court potentially following our argument would be that, if and when Dr Dlamini Zuma’s appeal is going to be decided before the Supreme Court of Appeal in Bloemfontein, the so-called “lockdown” will have been over by several weeks, if not months.

We believe that in that case she, as well as her handlers, instructors and advisors, would have a hard time to convince the SCA and us South Africans of the necessity to again climb under our masks for no good reason or to potentially return to another era of prohibition of which she and her cronies are said to have been the only beneficiaries.

In this context, we remind everyone that since the start of our Court challenge in early May, Dr Dlamini Zuma has failed to advance any scientific proof for the medical efficacy of, above others, face masks as required under her regulations; other than the regurgitations by her propaganda machinery. We wish to ensure the public that we will address this in great detail before the Court when the time comes.

At this point, it is still uncertain how the new amendments to DZ’s regulations will be constructed in practice to effect the promised changes, but we can expect the usual lousy wording and several grey areas to which we have become used over the past 5 months of DMA dictatorship.

LFN feels somewhat flattered that the Government reacts positively to the continued pressure LFN applies through its current 4 (four) Court challenges against the Minister. We wish to remind our fellow citizens that, at this point in time, South Africa’s President is entirely emasculated. “Effectively, there is no such position right now. For as long as the National State of Disaster is in effect, the only member of government who yields power over the country, its forces, its population and its government is none other than Dr Dlamini Zuma,” says Reyno De Beer. “As it happens, the only person being able to end this State of Disaster is the very same Dr DZ.” Until then, Ramaphosa can only say what she permits him to say.

Unlike Ramaphosa and his ANC follies, LFN believes that this unbecoming for any democracy, South Africa’s in particular; especially when considering its recent past. LFN will thus increase its campaigns until the Government of South Africa will again ensure that the freedoms and liberties enshrined in the Constitution can be enjoyed permanently by all South Africans, be that with the ANC or without.