Exposed: ‘Human Farming’ Rentals in South Africa

human farming rentals

If there is one article I would like everyone to take time to read, it is this one concerning rental increases. It will expose something affecting all races but I want my fellow white people to pay particular attention. If we do not accept this example of capitalism busy devouring itself, most of us are going to be unprepared…

Writer’s Summary of this Article:

poor white people
There is an estimated 400000 poor white people in South Africa according to UN standards, approximately 10% of the white population.

Profit seeking property investors and agents have been left unattended by our ANC Government. They freely destroying our property industry at the cost of the poor, nowadays coming from all races in South Africa. This has contributed to the new age of “human farming” where poor people are stacked into small rooms and charged exorbitant rentals slightly less than much bigger homes they simply could not afford to rent or buy. Using our Christian religion as a lure, some unscrupulous white people calling themselves pastors started to establish white townships (ghettos) on farms where poor white people are being exploited by their fellow race after they also could not afford the high cost of housing elsewhere. I am strongly of the view that capitalism has already devoured itself and that our country’s biggest problem lies within the current system of private land ownership. I investigate the various problems our poor of all races experience today, and suggest possible interim solutions.

I don’t like Hillary Clinton but a couple of years ago I read a news article where she said that capitalism is busy devouring itself. She said that the profits of businesses are increasing while the remuneration of employees are seldom increased, and if one does find an increased remuneration it is usually at a rate less than the inflation rate.

While specialising in the property sector for two decades myself, I have experienced how the income of property agency principals increased at a rate of at least 10% annually but that those principals only increase the salaries of their employees at a rate of 5% or less.

My argument was always that the 10% contractual annual increase contained in almost all residential lease agreements should also compensate for an increase of 10% in business expenses of which employee remuneration is supposed to be the biggest component (average 80%) for any such business.

What happens to employees when they dare to ask their employer for a salary increase, or highlight that they are unhappy about the illegal practices of the employer with specific reference to the property industry?

During the early 2000’s the Protected Disclosures Act, 2000 came into force where employees allegedly receive protection from blowing the whistle about irregularities and crime taking place in their workplace. As someone who has firsthand experience working with this Act, also called the “Whistle Blowing Act”, this Act is not worth the paper it was written on.

Notwithstanding the alleged protection from persecution against an employee standing up for his rights and what is just, in this Act there is absolutely no punishment for employers committing an act of occupational detriment, and therefore there is no deterrent for employers to stop corruption or irregularities, or give their employees a deserved salary increase.

There is also no system put in place where the Court can also directly refer suspected corruption or other offences to the Directorate of Public Prosecution (DPP) for investigation. The employee who has proved his case is left alone to pursue the possible corruption without assistance from the state, possibly facing more victimization in the process.

The worst punishment these employers can suffer after vindicating an employee and terminating his employment daring to blow the whistle, is to pay a maximum of 2 years salary to the whistle blower as compensation. Paying this compensation is usually easy for the employer and sets him free to nonstop continue with the corruption and irregularities or refusing to increase salaries, but on the other hand the employee is then also marked as a “whistle blower” within the industry he serves and find it extremely difficult to find alternative employment again.

I was once in that boat myself and can therefore testify from personal experience.

It just flabbergasts me that employees working within the property industry complain about their poor working conditions and remuneration all the time, but still live their lives like frogs on a hot plate waiting to be fried, never jumping away from the heat. These employees regularly attend gatherings of property agencies that only focus on the rights of the principal.

I had advocated the establishment of a workers union for property industry employees, even launched such a structure, but it was met with a lot of non-participation.

The fact is that the property industry will only start to get on the right path and to prevent and combat corruption when the employees start to also group themselves into a fully fledged workers union for the industry.

Most Portfolio Managers are being handled like crap by their principals with most of them being paid peanuts for working from early morning to late at night. It was common for me to start work at 06h00 in the morning and only get back at 23h00 at night. This was also at a time in my life where I had a newborn daughter who was asleep when I left and sleeping when I returned.

There has been little transformation within the property industry e.g 95% of all property managers are still white. Further to this problem, white people’s mentality is not to believe in workers unions due to historic antagonism against anything that might seem socialistic.

Everyone will agree that housing is probably the one biggest household expense for any family. If families must pay 10% more every year towards their rent, it means that housing is by far the biggest contributor to the actual inflation we all experience. With salaries of tenants not increasing at a rate of 10% annually as well, households soon reach a stage where they must move to a more affordable leased property therefore having to downgrade to a smaller home. Industrial lease agreements might even regulate a higher increase.

I am strongly of the view that the 10% annual increase is a toxic conspiracy among property agencies and investors to increase their wealth at the cost of not only the consumer public but also their own employees.

We have become used to this practise and simply assume that these increases must happen, trying to budget our exhausted income around it.

Let us be logical for one minute.

If the average CPI over the last two decades was far less than 10%, how do property agencies (and the property tycoons) they serve justify automatic rental increases without explaining their business expenses? I am adamant to obtain the necessary support from all spheres and demand a national investigation in this unjust practice which has drained us all.

human farming rentals
An estimated 200,000 people in Hong are living in ‘coffin homes’. In South Africa, the ghettos are growing.

I was quiet for some time and haven’t written any new article for many months, because I had been moving around within circles of poverty trying to understand why more and more people, in particular white people, are getting poorer. The initial idea, or so we were all made to believe, of our ANC lead government during 1994 was to uplift the living standards of the traditionally disadvantaged mainly black community of South Africa to the level of us whites.

After two decades of democracy and ANC rule in South Africa I had seen a trend which I have never experienced before throughout my 40 years of life. More and more white people are moving to newly created township like farms also not able to afford the high cost of housing in our cities. Many of these poor white families used to stay in big homes and either lost those homes due to the father losing his job making way for someone from the traditionally disadvantaged communities after accepting a gracious early retirement package from the state or was unable to afford paying their bonds due to the fact that their salaries never increased along with ever increasing expenses also affecting so many from other races.

When speaking to these white poor people in particular, I have also picked up that many of them accepted that early retirement package from the state to make way for a dynamic black professional through our Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) strategy but mostly lost all those monies on “get rich quick” investment schemes run by fellow white people who have ultimately devoured their hard earned monies leaving them unable to get a job again and having to beg for money at street intersections and becoming car guards. Having worked for one of these imposters myself until I had assisted to liquidate that company, I know of some of these white people who even committed suicide after losing everything they had on a promise by a so called “child of God” and son of a Dutch Reformed Church pastor to earn 60% per annum on their investment in a flawed marine diamond mining venture where the monies of the investors were paid into the personal bank account of this false prophet. Today this man is still running around trying to bleed money from others in similar ways, after the criminal investigations against him mysteriously disappeared…

On the other hand black and other race groups have also suffered the consequences of these rapidly rising costs of housing in the cities as well. The rule of thumb within the property industry is that a person’s rent must not exceed a third (1/3 – 33.3%) of his total household income. With less and less small one bedroom properties available under the bracket of R4000 (US$266) per month (therefore a household must earn at least R12000 – US$798 – per month) more and more black people are finding refuge in communes in and around the CBD’s to be nearer to their workplace to further save on transportation costs to make their ends meet. Many houses and blocks of flats are being converted into multi room dwellings where several families must start to share kitchens and bathrooms. I found some one bedroom flats being occupied by twenty people in a block of flats in Randburg once where each person had to pay R1000 (US$66) per month for his or her compacted shared accommodation where the landlord now receives R20000 (US$1333) per month on rental income comparing to the approximately R4000 (US$266) per month he would have received if he rented that property to only one family. In many occasions foreigners like Zimbabweans and East Africans usually without legal home affairs documents are being housed in these communes by mischievous property investors knowing that if these tenants do not pay their exorbitant rentals or even complain about the poor living conditions these people don’t have any legal recourse when they are violently illegally evicted at one o’ clock in the morning by bandits in their employment. Usually these thugs also steal the only possessions of these unfortunate occupiers leaving them not only without a roof over their heads but also without any valuables to continue a new life elsewhere. All these occupants are literally living to fear their landlord not knowing what to expect of him and his band of usually Nigerian thugs. These communes have also become a breeding ground for prostitution and drug trafficking and the local police regularly visiting to collect their cut from the illegal proceeds.

The ever increasing costs of housing have given rise to the age of human farming in South Africa. More people are stacked into smaller apartments, while the property investor gradually increases the rent to satisfy his greedy love for money. For the illegal immigrants, estimated to be around 20 million in our country, these human farmers are relatively free to charge any rental amount they please simply because these people find it almost impossible to rent through a popular property agency requesting identity documents and proof of income during the application process. The more people this human farmer can stuff into an area the happier he gets. I have doubt it “human farming” because these property investors are always luring more and more ignorant poor people to their communes to increase their profits at the cost of not creating decent living conditions for these people too. Sadly I came across this one incident in Johannesburg South where a little girl died due to a lack of hygiene in one of these communes. Another instance I have witnessed how a whole family of five were burned to death in a room that caught fire, because of a lack of maintenance to the electricity wiring. The one after the other sad tale about these communes can be told by many people imprisoned by this system of ever increasing housing costs because of property investors and their agents just wanting more and more money.

I had visited three farms in and around Pretoria where poor white people have built ghettos for them and their families. Literally human farms and please go and have a look for yourself if you don’t believe me. The one accommodates about 60 people, the other around 100 and the largest one has a white poor community of around 300 people. Comparing to the traditional black townships, these white townships are very small but my concern is that these are only three small white ghettos of hundreds of others and new ones making their appearance daily. Could this be an indication that white people are also getting poorer just like the other race groups in our country?

Going back to my earlier statement that us South Africans were told by the ANC Government that black people will be uplifted to the level of white people, these white townships is actually an indication that many white people have been degraded to the historical township level of black people and unfortunately there is also a clear trend that black townships have also become bigger. Resultantly it is evident that white people had been demoted and black people did not get any benefit of this demotion and basically stayed on the same level as they were during the years of Apartheid. What has happened to the initial pledge of our ANC Government to uplift other races to the level of white people? Sadly one can now say truly after 22 years of ANC reign that the ANC Government has in fact now put both the white people and the other races on the same level and arguably the ANC can now say “proudly” that they had succeeded with their promise of 1994… However the process the ANC followed was directly in the opposite direction we were promised.

All people, especially the poor, are being deceived. Statistics given to us all apparently showing a big increase in “a better life for all” is how many black people, for example, have moved to traditionally white areas where the figures that should be given to us is in fact the rate of black people moving out of townships to these traditionally white areas bringing in the rate of our population growth as well and also adding the influx of the estimated 20 million illegal foreigners into our country. If the black townships are getting bigger and the white people are also now starting to move to white ghettos it is just logic that our government has horrifically failed every one of us. This statement is also confirmed by the rate to which our Rand has devaluated to the US Dollar since 1994 and the exponential increase in our fuel prices where SASOL used to provide fuel to all South Africans obtained from our high coal reserves during the years of Apartheid through oil sanctions. Strangely nothing is said to us South Africans why the ANC government did not continue investing in the expansion of our SASOL plants and why most of our coal reserves are in fact being exported to other countries at a ridiculously low amount where coal as a fossil fuel is not nearly as highly regulated internationally as oil. Where to have the wealth of these white ghetto occupiers gone to if the black people have not actually been upgraded to the level of the white people when the ANC became the governing party during 1994? Clearly wealth had disappeared to some unknown sources. Maybe we can start by asking our Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa to explain to us how he has managed to become one of the 100 most influential persons in the world according to Forbes Magazine and how quickly he became a billionaire? Then we can obviously also ask why those white people who are soiled rich have contributed to draining money from their fellow white people with ridiculously high housing costs and illegal pyramid investment schemes?

Just to link to previous articles I have written in the past, I am convinced that the ANC is actively involved in the estimated R100 Billion Rand (US$6.67 Billion) property hijacking corruption going on in our country today where we had identified numerous of high level ANC officials directly linked to these crimes and our Police and Government refusing to engage in any form of investigation or prosecution of these culprits. Even the Public Protector, the lady we want to make our first female president, is refusing to engage investigating and exposing this cancer making her a mere puppet of the ANC Government for me.

Going back to the white ghettos, while I studied these three white townships I realised some common movements between all of them. These are as follows:-

  • These farms were run by someone who claims to do it under the auspices of a Christian church;
  • The occupiers had to contribute at least two thirds of their monthly income, mostly state welfare (SASSA), to this establishment or person in charge. Those receiving R1407 (US$93) per month in SASSA had to pay around R1100 (US$73) per month;
  • Those who did not have any income, had to work without any remuneration on the farm from early to late afternoon or they had to go out in the streets to beg people for donations to this establishment;
  • If a person does not make any contribution to this establishment they are asked to leave the farm or even forcibly removed without a Court Order;
  • The occupiers receive a small meal once a day, with maybe two slices of brown bread in the morning;
  • There is always space for another poor white person. Small rooms are sometimes shared by six people each one having to contribute a third of their income. When space gets tight, people are being setup in corrugated iron or wooden homes or even in tents;
  • The person in charge is usually called a pastor and drives an expensive German vehicle;
  • Occupiers are forced to participate in the religious gatherings on the farm or requested to leave or face forcible illegal eviction;
  • Instead of assisting people to learn trades to get back into the normal employment market, they are encouraged to stay on these farms indefinitely;
  • These farms do receive donations from the public regularly, but the money, food and clothes are rarely distributed amongst the occupiers;
  • The shared bathrooms are all in an extreme unhygienic condition.

These are the basic comparisons between all of these white ghettos. I then started to do a more in-depth investigation why these establishments encourage more and more people to live there and came to the following shocking conclusions.

Firstly these ghetto farms get approximately R50.000 (US$3.333) per month from every group of 50 people. Very few people do have children with them staying in these camps, but those that do have must also pay additional for their children too.

Secondly the average cost to feed a group of 50 occupiers per day, came to a low cost of around R300 (US$20) per day or even much less. This usually consist of one 10kg bag of potatoes (R80 – US$5), one bag of 5kg rice or maize (R50 – US$3), around R150 (US$10) of meat (approx. 3kg), rest of ingredients around R20 (US$1.33). It therefore costs around R10000 (US$666) per month to feed a group of 50 occupiers on these farms. However, these farms also regularly get food donations from large retail stores of just expired food but still suitable for human consumption. These food donations range from bread and vegetables to canned food. In many instances a whole meal can be made for days from only these food donations and therefore these farms might not even have the R300 (US$20) per day food expense at all for many days. The quality of meals was really pathetic with each one literally receiving one scoop of starch and one scoop of meaty flavoured sauce. The meat chunks were mostly left for those occupiers who have good relations with the person running the establishment and those who are a bit disgruntled receive no meat at all.

Thirdly, two of these farms are owned by the person running the show and therefore they did not have any rental or even bond expense. The other farm had to pay around R18.000 (US$1.200) per month towards rent, but the rent also included the cost of electricity and water. Therefore running the two owned farms could cost less than R5.000 (US$333) per month. All of these farms have boreholes for water.

Fourthly there is clearly some kind of hidden trade on in many of these establishments. On the one suspicious farm, a group of men occupiers was busy dismantling a large electricity subsystem known to bare a lot of copper and other scrap metal. I did not dare to ask any questions – it could be that the operator had somehow obtained it legally from the municipality. However I am aware that those electricity subsystems are regularly stolen for purposes of selling the copper and metal for scrap which one convict once told me could earn one easily R150.000 (US$10000). There were also many old cars on the farm – some of these men were being repaired or re-sprayed. According to some of the occupiers I interviewed, the police regularly come to visit that establishment and seemed to be in good relations with the pastor. It possible that the police officers were being bribed.

Lastly, I once gave two large black bags full of old but good clothes to one of these operators to distribute among the occupiers. After two weeks, when I visited that establishment again. I asked several of the occupiers whether they’d received the clothes. Everyone told me that they had not. In fact, they told me that many people donate clothes to the establishment but the pastor regularly ask people to sort those clothes which are then sold in black townships.

Taking into consideration that all these farms make use of free labour by occupiers, there was also no further operational costs.

I started making calculations. I came to the conclusion that for the first 50 occupiers on one of these farms, the establishment easily could make a profit of anything between R20.000 (US$1.333) and R35.000 (US$2.333) per month for the leased and owned farms respectively. Obviously the more occupiers these ghettos can accommodate, the more profit can be generated. I estimated that the farm with 60 occupiers could generate R30.000 (US$2.000) clean profit, the one with the 100 occupiers R75.000 (US$5.000), and the one with the 300 R220.000 (US$14.666) every month for the pastors!

It is so sad to realise that the rich will continue to exploit the poor until we stand up and do something about it.

Many people misunderstand the Holy Bible where it says that the rich will become richer, and the poor will become poorer. People think that it implies that those who use their talents will get more talents and those who do not use their talents will lose it. Once again it is only yet another deceitful preaching of those who are corrupt by money and these assumed pastors abusing religion to exploit the poor. This exploitation of the poor was present during biblical times already.

Two months ago, my tongue was hanging out my mouth in disbelief when I have heard President Jacob Zuma saying to the Congress of the Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU) that the ANC never supported a socialist market system, yet the ANC had been in a political alliance since 1994 with the South African Communist Party (SACP) and with COSATU which was founded on socialism! Does that then imply that the ANC/SACP/COSATU alliance had been deceiving all their supporters all the time? Amazingly, COSATU again confirmed that it will be supporting the ANC during our August 2016 municipal elections. Something is not right with this alliance, is it?

For me as a white Afrikaner saying that I am a great supporter of socialism, might just be too unbearable for my fellow white people. Unfortunately us white people had been brought up to despise communism and socialism was merely a component of that political system. Many successful countries in the world like France and Uruguay, to name but two, have a socialist market system in place but no one bothers to emphasize it. These countries are being treated as if they have a capitalist system in place.

Strangely, our Jesus Christ was the first to have introduced the socialist system, but most white people in South Africa tend to overlook that fact.

For me who specialises in the property industry, it has become clear that our biggest threat in South Africa today is the fact that we have private land ownership.

I found this very interesting text in the Holy Bible which confirms that even in biblical times people experienced the same problems we have today. Isaiah 5:8-9 “Woe unto them that join house to house, that lay field to field, till there be no place, that they may be placed alone in the midst of the earth! In mine ears said the Lord of hosts, Of a truth many houses shall be desolate, even great and fair, without inhabitant.” This means that people bought up land for themselves so that the poor had none and build large houses which are even too big to house themselves where others don’t even have a small home.

The cost of housing in South Africa is growing by the day, to such high levels where more and more people of all races will have to find their refuge in ghettos instead of us moving people from these townships to decent homes.

Rich property investors are buying cheap land, usually through the one or other corrupt deal, just to sell it at exorbitant prices, or rent it out by dividing it into multi-dwelling communes.

I read a recent article where a famous white Christian pastor in Alberton (just South from Johannesburg) bought a property for R4.5 million (US$300.000) and resold it the following week for R9 million (US$600.000) in yet another shady deal by someone abusing religion.

On the other hand some people are luring poor people to profit seeking establishments using religion again to further exploit them.

Sadly organisations claiming to advance the rights of poor white people like Afriforum and SolidariteitHelpende Hand” (Helping Hand) are regularly requesting people to make donations to these ghetto farms only fueling the exploitation of these poor people actually giving to the pastor instead to the people who really need it.

The problem I foresee is that if someone tries to close down these corrupt white ghettos, where to must all these people go? All these people have been thrown to the ground and had no other alternative but to find their homes on these farms. Basically all of them had exhausted the help of their families and friends and simply could not find any way to help them getting back on their feet again. To simply close these establishments down might just be easier said than done.

The property industry had been recklessly allowed to continue like a wild child running around without much interference by the ANC Government. When one reports an unscrupulous property agent to the Estate Agency Affairs Board (EAAB), nothing is done to prosecute him even if one has provided sufficient written evidence to support the claims of corruption. Even the Hawks are corrupt when investigating criminal cases against these property moguls and profit seekers leaving a path of missing dockets along the way and to make matters even worse regretfully when property matters are referred to the Public Protector or Human Rights Commission as a last refuge, even these organs we have put our faith in have deserted the poor.

As a result of all these walls being erected to keep the poor from complaining about their exploitation, I am enthusiastically advocating that private land ownership in South Africa, together with our reserve bank system, must be abolished.

Possible Solutions in the interim

  • Moratorium on development of one unit residential units on one or more erven – I am of the view that South Africa has more than enough one unit homes situated on one or more erven. In order to speed up the delivery of homes to all the government needs to encourage property developers to build high rise affordable sectional titles units and especially to start making use of social housing schemes.
  • Moratorium on automatic rental increases at rates higher than the CPI – The automatic rental increases at a high fixed rate is contributing to our people not able to afford adequate housing.
  • Proper legislation for multi occupancy dwellings and farms must be promulgated urgently – The exploitation of the poor by greedy profit seekers must be properly regulated and implementation of criminal sanctions incorporated.
  • Moratorium on golf course developments – I have advocated before that there are simply too many golf courses in South Africa already and one course can engulf up to 60 Hectares of land which could have housed thousands of affordable housing units.
  • Proper legislation prohibiting property owners to sell properties at a profit higher than the CPI and price control – Property prices have escalated over the years to extremely high levels resulting in more and more people unable to afford a property of their own. I don’t own any land and simply can’t afford it and I know just too many white people as well in this same predicament. Thus this problem is one affecting all races and not just only the traditionally disadvantaged.
  • Moratorium on selling off state owned land to property investors who are not going to develop multi affordable housing units – The ANC government has sold a lot of state property to profit seeking investors at ridiculously low prices, many of these were sold to ANC cadres, over the years. This must be indicative that our ANC government is not interested to provide housing to all as it has promised during 1994 and instead is only benefitting their own cadres.
  • Expropriation of land of people and businesses owning more than one piece of land – Even if this is an extremely contagious issue for especially white people, there are simply too many who own additional land for profit while most people in our country simply have none of their own.
  • Establishment of a specialised unit to investigate property crimes – There are simply too much corruption going on within the property industry and legislation must urgently be passed to create a specialised unit specifically tasked to investigate and even punish corrupt property investors and agents. The government can start to establish a judicial commission of enquiry into various corrupt property deals like the participation of Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa in the Department of Trade and Industry Head Office deal shortly after 1994 which had given him a courteous jump towards becoming a billionaire. All investigations just disappeared and no one bothered to reopen that file again.
  • Criminalising an occupational detriment in terms of the Protected Disclosures Act – Where any employer commits an occupational detriment against his employee for whistle blowing, that employer must be criminally prosecuted and also blacklisted to an extent of ordering the closure of such business or barring from doing any business with the state. All cases already attended to by the Court in terms of this Act where the employee proved an occupational detriment, must be referred to the DPP for further investigation in case no criminal charges were pursued.
  • Creating a minimum rate of compensation with no maximum for any employee who suffered an occupational detriment – Employees must be encouraged to expose corruption and irregularities within their workplace and if they are persecuted for whistle blowing those employees must be entitled to suitable compensation to a compulsory minimum and no maximum level as a reward for exposing the corrupt.
  • Legislation must be created where employers are forced to increase the remuneration of their employees at the rate of increase of business income – As stated lease agreements make provision for fixed annual increases and especially the property industry should then yield an increase of 10% in employee remuneration as well. Otherwise that increase is mostly going to the pocket of the property agent principal and his investor making them even richer than so many I know already.
  • Legislation must prescribe making employees shareholders in their businesses – Employers have forgotten that they would not have been able to become rich without the assistance of all their employees, from cleaners and professionals to the other executives. My solution to this problem is for employers to give 50% of the shares in their business to their employees where those shares are being distributed by a quota amongst all levels in line with years in the employment of that business with no distinction between cleaners, professional or the executives. Sharing in profits (and losses) must be a right and responsibility of everyone adding to the successes and failures of their own business they work for and the employees must become part of the decision making of a business. As an interim gesture all companies must have a representative chosen by all the employees to serve on the board of directors with the right to have access to all documents and records of the company.

Just touching on it now, all our people must start to read more how the world Federal Reserve Bank system works. Economists know that this system, also called the central banking system, was created by deceiving all people and those reserve banks are privately owned with private shareholders and not state institutions. These central banks have obtained the right to print currency and creating money from absolutely nothing whenever they want. Central banks have a blank cheque and can borrow any amount they please to our governments all over the world and then have the audacity to charge interest on those loans and even repossess assets for themselves if those loans are not repaid to accumulate the wealth for their secret super rich shareholders even further. I am tired working to make the rich richer and I know that others also feel the same. I’m leaving more about this criminal banking system for another day…

My fellow white South Africans must realise that because we left this property time bomb unattended, we have contributed towards its explosion.

Historically we had been told that socialism is from the Anti-Christ, but strangely Jesus was in fact the one who had taught us to share everything we have and that there may not be any form of possession. How wrongly we have read the Holy Bible before. According to the scripture I had quoted before (and many others) what we are currently experiencing in South Africa was one of the reasons the Prophet Isaiah, and others, had to warn the followers of God to stop doing which already occurred then.

I simply can’t sit back any longer and see how greedy people (everyone who pursues wealth) are destroying everyone in our country and the world. Seeing more and more white people running to farms for accommodation and townships growing bigger and bigger, is totally unacceptable to me and we all need to take our property issues more seriously forthwith and start to expose the ones who have no respect for us all.

The famous words of Queen Marie Antoinette of France suddenly come to my mind: “If the poor don’t have bread to eat, let them then eat cake.”… We all know what happened thereafter. A definite time bomb ticking away and even the poor white and innocent might be guillotined for the sins of the rich we have inadvertently been protecting all along.