VERY IMPORTANT NOTICE – Pending Call to National Rental and Bond/Loan Repayment Boycott from 1 May 2018 (Project GATVOL)


Issued by:
Reyno De Beer
National Representative
Liberty Fighters Network

Date: 16 March 2018

Fellow Brothers and Sisters. Coloured, Indian, Black, White, everyone…

I am sending this very important message to all of you, and ask that you please take the time to carefully read it (please also read it to those who are unable to) and forward this to as many as possible tenants and occupants of properties, especially throughout Johannesburg, and people of all our ethnic groups who have lost their homes due to bank repossessions which Court Orders have been in many cases fraudulently obtained due to the evil of bond/loan securitization few people are aware of.

During the 1986 old Transvaal rent boycott, the people of Soweto and other townships in our country opposed the draconian property practices of the previous British inspired segregation regime, a protest which was not experienced ever since on such a magnitude.

I am a white “Afrikaner” (English translation: African) man and in the spirit of unity of our nation I would like to take the first real step to publicly acknowledge that we as South Africans of all races and our legitimate resident foreigner guests, especially (but not only limited to) from Zimbabwe, Pakistan and Somalia, have been treated with utmost contempt by our banks, few rich landowners and their agents making our democracy only an unrealistic dream.

I have also been a victim of unlawful property practices and unable to afford land of my own in a property market where property developers exclusively cater for people with incomes of R25000 per month or more.

There are more homes in the R1 million plus bracket in South Africa than people who can actually afford to stay in one. It is similar like driving down Sefako Makgatho Drive in Pretoria seeing thousands and thousands of second hand cars stand waiting for a buyer which will never come, but still more and more car dealerships arrive daily to replace those who had to close their doors the day before. A pure gold rush during times most of us are financially ruined, over-indebted or plainly too poor to even support rugby anymore like me.

No offense intended to golfers, but in Gauteng alone there are around 40 golf courses almost enough for a golfer to play at a different one every weekend of the year within a maximum two hours’ drive from his or her home. Each one of these golf courses averages an area of 60 hectares (600000 square metres) enough to build on one of them 36000 three storey small flats of 50 square metres each reckoned as low cost affordable housing.

These Gauteng golf courses alone have deprived us all of a possible 1.44 million affordable housing units.

Instead, our local governments run mostly by the ANC and DA continue approving more and more luxury property developments with no affordable housing component woven into it, giving more and more land to the rich and fewer for us landless masses of all races to enjoy too.

For some reason general practice has decided that land on the see shore or edges of our dams have been exclusively reserved for the rich to enjoy where no poor man or woman like myself will ever enjoy the privilege of waking up to see how the sun rises over the ocean from one’s own front porch.

Are these property practices, above various other property abuses, by our Government fair? No and I am of the view that it is an insult to those of us who don’t even have the luxury of a small piece of land for ourselves.

Did you know that South Africa has got enough land mass where each one of our citizens of all ages can have 2.1 Ha (21000 square metres) of land if we really wanted to? That is excluding assumed land of sectional titles units which can be stacked on top of each other in a block of flats format. How much of this almost infinite land do you have? I also have none.

Even those who fear land expropriation without compensation, like many of my fellow white people, will suddenly realise looking at these factual numbers why political parties like the EFF and BLF are not necessarily your choice for our next government but they surely are asking the right questions not only limited to non-white groups.

Shouldn’t each one of us at least own a small piece of this 21000 square metres each one is mathematically entitled too? Even 1% of this is enough to build a decent 210 square metres house on which is large enough for a family of five.

The further reality is that for those of us fortunate enough to have been able to obtain a bond for a home, which land will remain the property of the bank until fully paid for and technically they don’t own land either. Maybe you can be one of the many unlucky ones who unexpectedly loses his or her job when you only have a year or two left on the outstanding bond account and end up being the victim of unlawful repossession.

When your home, you have diligently paid for years, is then sold on execution sale for sometimes as low as R100 where the bank refused to even give you graze to reduce your repayments only by a small percentage, you suddenly realise how our banks are heartless institutions and only there to suck the last bit of life out of us.

The further sad thing is that if each person knows how that money was created to apparently buy your home for you in the first instance, everyone will be highly upset. That is the subject of the other battle we’ll fight soon…

Rental and bond repayments have become a continued measurement to separate the rich and poor where townships are growing bigger and previously affordable rental units inside the cities near our jobs, get fewer and fewer to make way for the small group of privileged graduated upper-class yuppies for their first taste of the economically empowered class.

As I have recently stated on live national television, it is time for us white people to realise that we have also been abused and fooled by our own previous leaders we trusted and that we are today also being oppressed by the few rich white people amongst us who simply don’t want to let go of their power hiding behind us others for their protection. This can’t be tolerated anymore.

I am not willing to protect the Rupert and Oppenheimer clans, above others, anymore and for all I care they are more than welcome to permanently emigrate to Britain and Switzerland leaving what belongs to us here!

Factually the majority of white people are also getting poorer and poorer just like our black, Indian and coloured brothers and sisters and we simply can’t afford to further discard this truth.

The fall of the Gauteng E-toll system is a continual indication what we as a nation can achieve when all of us stand together. We are underestimating the true already existing unity we as a nation amongst all diversities have and we can achieve more together again.

In solidarity we are all plainly sick and tired of being treated inferior for being called tenants of land the Freedom Charter promised belongs to all who live in our country – black, coloured, Indian and white. Sadly few of my white people ever took the effort to actually read this wonderful document which founded our country’s democracy and hope that more will embrace it as I did as a Protestant Christian believing that my Jesus Christ wants us to share what we have in abundance with others less fortunate. I belief that our other religions and even those who are Atheists or Humanists have similar principles and must not be left out.

The Gauteng Hawks (headed by Maj./Gen. Prince Mokotedi), Gauteng Police (headed by Lt./Gen. Deliwe de Lange), City of Johannesburg (under leadership of the DA and its Executive Mayor, Cllr. Herman Mashaba), the DA established COJ “vigilante” Group Forensics Unit of Mr. Shadrack Sibiya (the previous dismissed Gauteng Hawks head) and Adv. Victoria Ramaala running its Property Hijacking Section, together with the National Prosecuting Authority in Johannesburg and the city’s Sheriffs have effectively started a war against the oppressed occupants of the dilapidated and overpriced properties in Johannesburg South, the CBD and rest of the city the past few months reaching a climax on the eve of Tuesday 13 March 2018 when another group of around 20 adult occupants, having small children, was unlawfully arrested on a charge of Trespassing based on a fraudulently issued Warrant of Ejectment the Hawks simply refuse to investigate.

From our research we have determined that many eviction Court Orders and orders to repossess properties are fraudulently obtained in especially Johannesburg and elsewhere in Gauteng. The rest of our country could even be worse.

Last year my brother and I lodged an urgent appeal to the Constitutional Court, relating to a refused urgent application in the High Court where the NPA, particularly through the NDPP Adv. Shaun Abrahams personally, has literally blocked a criminal investigation into this fraudulent Court process fiasco, which was dismissed without a formal hearing with the only reason given that “it was not in the interest of justice for now” to hear the appeal. ONLY THAT.

Our own Constitutional Court has refused to listen and accept that us as South Africans are facing a total tragedy where our Court system is totally dysfunctional allowing that literally hundreds of fraudulent Court processes are followed daily against all of us abusing our ignorance!

Court files are getting “lost” and stolen left, right and centre where up to 70% of all matters before our Courts today end with a duplicate Court file at some point. Ask any attorney to confirm this fact to you, but many attorneys have become used to this after realising how quickly they themselves can get a “fast foods drive thru” Court Order whenever such need arises without spilling the beans about this secret weapon of the British linked legal fraternity in our country.

Amidst this crisis the media already reported quietly that convicted criminals had to be released on appeal after the original Court files could not be found. A Court system failing the innocent victims.

Judges, Magistrates and even Rental Housing Tribunals are well aware of this Court system chaos but don’t make it public either failing our democracy. In fact in our Court application two Pretoria High Court Judges were implicated in the issuing of a clear fraudulent commercial eviction, but the Constitutional Court had the audacity to say that it was not in the interest of justice for now to hear our direct appeal! How ridiculous can that be?

We are in the process to take that matter to the African Court and African Union so that Africa can realise that our democracy is nothing more than an empty promise. A Rainbow Nation where the poor people have no colour and the State make toilet paper of our Constitution which is regarded to be one of the best in the world. If respected.

These above-mentioned authorities assume that the occupants are property hijackers the moment when tenants group together, well within their constitutional right of Freedom to Association and even the Rental Housing Act specifically affording such right to belong to a tenants association, tenants committee or similar body, to oppose a landlord who have treated them worse than animals in many respects.

In areas like Johannesburg South, for example, a normal three bedroom house is being converted into 25 rooms, where all these tenants must share one kitchen and one bathroom. We call these rooms “coffin” rooms where ironically it is sadly not strange, which I have experienced myself, to find a lifeless innocent child in one.

These landowners and agents, where many of these agents are not even registered as estate agents without interest to the Estate Agency Affairs Board, rent out properties which are in such a bad state of repair where I am aware that our people have been killed by being burned alive due to faulty electricity wiring or a child had died when a broken motor gate fell on him, to name only two real examples.

Illegal forceful evictions without a Court Order sometimes at midnight or through fraudulent Court Orders, unlawful disconnection of electricity or removal of water meters, illegal removal and attachment of furniture, changing of locks, assault, intimidation, harassment, the list goes on, are the order of the day for these unscrupulous landowners and agents and in the vast majority of these cases our authorities who are supposed to protect us simply don’t care.

Many times landowners and agents bribe them with a bottle 2 litres Cola or Streetwise Two while having a secret meeting with a member of the Rental Housing Tribunal at the Sandton Blue Radisson Hotel to organise hiding complaints of tenants. That is how cheap our rights have become to our State we have appointed into power.

Employees of these demonic agents know that they have no other option but to do what their rich (sometimes having drug addiction dependency problems) bosses demand or face unlawful dismissal and become unemployed being “blacklisted” amongst the industry.

The Protected Disclosures Act (the “Whistle-blower” Act) is the biggest piece of crap legislation our Government ever enacted with absolutely no protection for those few employees with guts standing up against injustices like I have done and paying the ultimate price for having dared to expose corruption!

These oppressive landlords, who most have obtained the property suspiciously or are the actual so called hijackers getting these properties which were fraudulently sold by our banks on Sheriff auctions after criminal repossessions, run to these stated authorities crying that they are the “victims” of property hijacking and are assisted immediately.

The Hawks claim that an eviction order is legitimate because they have confirmed that the order was stamped and it “looks” real, but when we check the Court rolls of the day those matters were neither enrolled for hearing nor was the municipality even served with such an application as compelled by the PIE Act asking the question how it was possible to obtain a legitimate Court Order if the matter was never in Court? Usually the Court file is either missing or has been conveniently replaced with a duplicate one.

Not that the City of Johannesburg, above others, actually care being served with eviction applications and consider it unnecessary for not even having a formal system to file them clearly not interested in whether one of our people possibly illegally face losing his or her family’s accommodation.

Sheriffs in general have a practice not to serve eviction applications or the subsequently granted Court Order and simply pitch up the day for the eviction not caring that the occupants never knew about the scaly eviction application getting handsomely paid for their “Court duties”. I’m aware where the Sheriff was paid R300000 for an eviction once.

Banks are making millions of money through securitized bonds and other loans and many times continue to repossess properties of all our people while not even the owner of those bonds or loans anymore!

When the CEO of ABSA and director of Richemont (Yes, the one of Johann Rupert), Ms. Maria Ramos, leads a protest for Save SA to ask for the dismissal of ex-President, Mr. Jacob Zuma, I literally want to puke chocking in her hypocrisy! Others like Standard Bank, Nedbank, FNB, above others, are all culprits to securitize.

Properties bought on auctions by “ring buyers” (regular property investors who in a specific order give each other an opportunity to buy auctioned property) are fraudulently registered on their names, after the original title deeds and bond documents are with the true owner thereof who sometimes can be far away as Singapore, without any care of the State.

Various correspondence to Mashaba requesting an audience to discuss all these shortcomings remain unanswered and even pleas to the leader of the DA, Mr. Mmusi Maimane, to intervene as mediator have been ignored although he did receive the correspondences.

On 22 November 2016 the Johannesburg Council, where the DA voted against the resolution, formally decided to put a moratorium on all evictions in the city and to investigate evictions of the past 10 years. After almost 16 months the DA in Johannesburg has still not implemented that resolution or made it public, but instead had declared war against the occupiers of these properties.

Every door that we must break down to move forward in this fight against abusive property practices are soon answered by the State by closing that opening with a steel enforced brick wall. We are simply going nowhere with our State and especially the DA council of Johannesburg and its Maimane to assist us to bring an end to it.

The occupants, and struggling homeowners abused by our banks, of Johannesburg and South Africa are not animals!

In light of the above and more on request, I am demanding from our State President, Mr. Cyril Ramaphosa, for all of us the people of our country, that the following list is attended to by no later than 1 May 2018:-

  1. A Judicial Commission of Enquiry is established to investigate the reasons behind fraudulent Court processes in our Courts, especially in relation to evictions and bank repossessions, bank securitization practices and to come up with solutions to finally bring an end to these atrocities against our people;
  2. That the SA Reserve Bank is instructed to compile regulations in which banks are forced to inform a client of bond securitization and the right of such client to inspect the original title deed and bond documentation at all reasonable times on demand;
  3. The Group Forensics Unit of the City of Johannesburg, together with the Gauteng Hawks Anti-Hijacking Unit are formally investigated in collaboration between the DPCI Office of the Judge and Gauteng MEC for COGTA and Human Settlements, above others, the methods they use to conduct investigations into so called property hijacking cases and their treatment of especially occupants of properties;
  4. The Minister of Human Settlements instructed to review the Prevention of Illegal Eviction from and Unlawful Occupation of Land Act, 1998, together with other eviction legislation, with proper public participation and to also include evictions from small shops and other business premises, including to declare daily/weekly paid accommodation with the intention of serving as permanent accommodation as a rental housing dwelling;
  5. The Minister of Justice and Correctional Services instructed to lodge a public participation process for the option to formally nationalise the Sheriff’s profession or its total Reformation in line with our modern requirements, with an invitation to NGO’s to immediately become observers of all Sheriff auctions;
  6. Legislation is considered where no Court Order to repossess immovable property is granted, unless the bank produces the original title deed and bond documentation to the presiding officer;
  7. Legislation is further passed where no immovable property may be sold unless the original title deed, and where applicable the original bond documentation, are with the Sheriff the day of the auction for any person to inspect and for such auction not to proceed in such absence;
  8. To consider establishing a national fund for victims of unlawful evictions and also a trust account operated by all Rental Housing Tribunals in which tenants may deposit their rental for safekeeping in cases of rental housing disputes and protected demonstrations against landowners and agents;
  9. To demand reasons from the Minister of Human Settlements why the 2014 amendments to the Rental Housing Act have still not been enacted in which, above others, all leases had to be in writing; and
  10. That the Minister of Lower Education instructed to lodge a process of consultation to introduce basic law subjects, in particular covering property and labour rights and responsibilities, on at least secondary school level for all our children; and
  11. That the Minister of Labour is instructed to review the Protected Disclosures Act, 2000 in a public participation process where an “occupational detriment” is declared a criminal offence, the DPCI Hawks instructed to investigate all matters relating to a declared occupational detriment irrespective if an appeal is lodged by such employer, the contravening employer is heavily penalised with increased compensation to a whistle-blower and sufficient legal assistance and protection at State expense are afforded to all whistle-blowers.

In the event the State President does not formally address or proactively attempt to resolve these reasonable demands by 1 May 2018, LFN is going to call on all South Africans and our legitimate resident foreign guests of all races to unite in solidarity and participate in a national rental and bond/loan repayment boycott unmatched of its magnitude in the history of South Africa until such time as our reasonable demands for all our people are met.

We are further calling on all to be united during this time, but not to resort to any act of violence or intimidation of whatsoever kind. We don’t want to lower ourselves to the level of these landowners and agents who have treated most of us with contempt. Please also ensure that your own landowners and agents are aware of our demands to the State President so that they all realise that their long luxurious holiday is about to end.

Let us further use this opportunity to realise our common goals towards economic and social empowerment of all our people and treat each other with the dignity and respect everyone deserves. Let us all unite as countrymen and women and make South Africa the greatest nation in the world!

Please follow progress in this regard on our website

Unity in Diversity Greetings,

Reyno De Beer
Liberty Fighters Network