Learn to Verify the Truth

We all must teach ourselves and our loved ones not to assume something without verifying the truth.

Fake news is everywhere around us while criminals wait for us around every corner to take us for a ride.

How often do you receive a posting which seems like the truth, because it is the most comfortable option for you, and then later turns out to be fake? I have taught myself that assumption is the mother of all f#ups and that has become my best friend in life.

When you deal with a professional like a lawyer, accountant, estate agent, et cetera Google is your best friend.

All professional bodies have a website on which you can instantly confirm the registration of a professional like, for example, www.eaab.org.za to verify the registration of an estate agent in South Africa or they have a number you can phone and verify telephonically.

We all must learn to do this regularly in our daily lives to prevent that we are taken for a ride which so regularly happens.

Ignorance is our worst enemy and by asking a friend to Google certain information if you don’t have the facility to surf the internet is the alternative option.

We must further learn to ask for help if we need it and you shall be amazed how help will find you.

Stay safe!