LFN to JSC: ‘Drop dysfunctional Mogoeng complaint or we’ll go to Court’

On Monday, 18 January 2021, Liberty Fighters Network (LFN) asked the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) to dismiss a complaint filed by one Tian Johnson on behalf of an organisation “The African Alliance” against South Africa’s Chief Justice. In the complaint, the NGO voices its unhappiness about Mogoeng Mogoeng expressing his beliefs in relation to vaccines.

In support of the complaint, Johnson submitted an alleged affidavit, apparently drafted by legal professionals. In it, Johnson states under oath to be a “non-binary” adult, instead of using proper reference to being either male or female. LFN says that under South African law, as it stands, one is not allowed to depose to an affidavit if one is not identified as either a male or a female and that, therefore, the Commissioner of Oaths was unable to ascertain the identity of Tian Johnson.

While the Minister of Home Affairs, Dr. Motsoaledi, recently announced his intention to make provision for “other genders” through the department’s “Official Identity Management Policy” which awaits the end of its public participation process on 28 February 2021, the laws pertaining to commissioning of affidavits  refer to “male” or “female” for identification purposes only.

LFN supports any initiative which opposes gender and/or sexual orientation discrimination. In this respect it’s objection is solely rooted in the fact that Tian Johnson could not have been properly identified as the deponent to the claimed affidavit and for that reason the affidavit should not be accepted by the JSC. Consequently, the complaint against the Chief Justice of South Africa should be dismissed.

We find it odd that the submission was professionally drafted, but whoever authored it must have somehow overlooked that our law only allows either a male or female adult to depose to an affidavit,” says LFN President, Reyno De Beer. “Given that The African Alliance and VARG – one of Johnson’s other efforts – are directly and indirectly linked to pretty big names in the worldwide vaccine funding arena, from AVAC to Schwab and WEF, one is surprised. It clearly wasn’t the money,” he says.

Johnson also alleges that Mogoeng CJ transgressed Regulation 14 of the Disaster Management Regulations. It essentially states that anyone who deliberately distributes fake news about COVID-19 is guilty of an offence. In this regard, LFN informed the JSC that this regulation is included in the set which currently awaits adjudication by the SCA in LFN’s own matter. Therefore, this complaint could in any event only be finalised pending the outcome of LFN’s appeal before the SCA. LFN continues to lead the fight against the ongoing violations of human rights in our country, committed by government under the cover of the so-called COVID-19 measures. At this point, LFN opposes approval of any vaccine which did not undergo proper testing or which contains any chimeric or human embryonic material or any other potentially dangerous or life threatening substance or which contains any potentially genetically modifying substance. LFN strongly opposes any mandatory or otherwise coerced vaccination of South Africans.

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One thought on “LFN to JSC: ‘Drop dysfunctional Mogoeng complaint or we’ll go to Court’

  1. Well done Reyno. Your hard work is beginning to impact. The tide is turning. Helpmekaar College is flaunting the regulations by reopening today. Looks like good news from the USA – the money power hold on the world could be broken shortly which will collapse the whole house of cards. It will be VERY interesting to see which way Ramppaphosa jumps when the big money dries up.