Public Protector already busy investigating McBride, Sibiya, NPA and Nhleko

Robert McBride

Liberty Fighters Network (LFN) national representative, Reyno De Beer, told the media today that he had personally submitted a formal complaint to the office of the Public Protector against the Independent Police Investigative Directorate (IPID) and it’s head, Mr. Robert McBride, Gauteng DPCI Anti-Corruption Unit and it’s previous Gauteng DPCI head, Maj./Gen. Shadrack Sibiya, the previous Minister of Police Mr. Nathi Nhleko and the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) on 4 November 2015 last year already which was totally ignored.

The complaint to the Public Protector involved claims that Sibiya and his colleagues allegedly tampered with evidence involving a docket opened for corruption against well-known businessmen directly linked to the Deputy President Mr. Cyril Ramaphosa and where a deceased senior CCMA commissioner, Mr. Joseph Tsabadi, was dismissed by the CCMA for corruption in a matter where Tsabadi was presiding in a labour dispute between De Beer and these businessmen.

Shadrack Sibiya
Shadrack Sibiya

De Beer said that shortly after the CCMA Director, Ms. Nerine Kahn, informed him that Tsabadi’s contract had been terminated for deliberately conspiring to dismiss him after a CCMA internal investigation, he was informed that Tsabadi mysteriously died. “I am not aware what caused his sudden passing shortly after his dismissal, but it surely is suspicious to me in light of everything that was busy unfolding at that stage.” said De Beer.

De Beer said further that he is in possession and has hidden documents and even telephone recordings in which Sibiya allegedly instructed his colleagues to warn him that he is going to be arrested if he does not back down on the corruption charges against these businessmen and Tsabadi and subsequently he approached the then Minister of Police Nhleko for assistance who in turn referred the matter to IPID for investigation.

De Beer said also that while Sibiya and his colleagues were supposed to have investigated the corruption case, he realised that his email communication and cellphone calls had been allegedly monitored. It was not until De Beer reported the alleged surveillance he believes were done by Sibiya and his team to the then acting Head of Intelligence, Adv. Malini Govender, that he noted that his email communication started to receive read receipts again and the echo and strange beeping sounds on his phone stopped.

IPID started to show interest in the matter, but soon De Beer said that the IPID investigator, Mr. VX Dlamini, also started ignoring his communication and for all practical purposes he knew that IPID was not conducting any investigation at all. De Beer again approached Nhleko and again IPID was instructed to attend to the investigation. After going back and forth between IPID and Nhleko several times, De Beer said that it became clear that either IPID under McBride or Nhleko was deliberately and intentionally prohibiting an investigation into the Anti-Corruption Unit and Sibiya who tampered with the docket to such an extent that the NPA declined to prosecute notwithstanding the CCMA terminating the contract of Tsabadi after a proper internal investigation.

Nathi Nhleko
Nathi Nhleko

If the CCMA who is the labour experts confirmed that Tsabadi committed corruption and dismissed him for it, how is it possible that the NPA declined to prosecute?” asked De Beer rhetorically.

De Beer also said that strangely even after Tsabadi was dismissed for corruption, the CCMA allowed Tsabadi to finish all his allocated cases which De Beer believe was highly improper. The CCMA representative claimed that although Tsabadi was dismissed for corruption that the outcome of all these cases he had to still finish would not be affected at all…

The nighmare did not end there.” De Beer continued saying. Once the matter was forwarded to the office of the Public Protector, after several promises by the office of the PP to allocate a reference number to the matter the PP for some reason refused to investigate the matter too. Email communication to Adv. Thuli Madonsela’s personal assistant, or any of her deputies, was never answered and written promises by her then CEO, Mr. Reginald Ndou, to allocate a reference number resulted in no action at all.

De Beer had to report Madonsela to the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) on 12 July 2016 before the SAHRC assisted De Beer to merely obtain a reference number which the PP negligently refused which was infringing on his right to just and fair administration processes.

It was not until 13 December 2016 after De Beer has put the new Public Protector, Adv. Busisiwe Mkhwebane, on terms in an email dated 6 December 2016 threatening with Court process that the PP informed De Beer that her office will formally start with the investigation more than a year after it was submitted.

Robert McBride
Robert McBride

De Beer also says that he did communicate with Ms. Monique Taute from the Anti-Corruption Department of AfriForum earlier this week about the matter of AfriForum and Mr. Paul O’Sullivan in their so called “State Capture Report” about the same people currently being investigated by the PP, but has noticed that AfriForum and O’Sullivan had painted a much different almost opposite story to Sibiya and McBride as the evidence he has in his possession and has hidden safely out of fear that the evidence might get destroyed in some way.

Articles in several other newspapers this week claim that McBride and Sibiya allegedly met with O’Sullivan at his home in Bedfordview, previously owned by convicted mafia boss Radovan Krajicek, earlier this month to discuss this AfriForum “State Capture Report”.

De Beer emphasised further that he is really worried that AfriForum and O’Sullivan have taken a view almost protecting Sibiya and McBride while he have all the “battle scars” clearly putting Sibiya and McBride in the middle of a corruption criminal investigation against Ramaphosa linked friends which went chaotically haywire.

De Beer said that he is sure that there was deliberate political intervention in his matter against these characters and will not stop pursuing them even if he must approach the Constitutional Court to get justice for him and several other people who could have suffered similar dooms.

De Beer ended by saying that if he did not had a good legal background, the matter would have been swept underneath the carpet but his perseverance prevailed.