ZONDO BRIBE: Just Another Intel Failure says LFN Supporter

Based on the validity of the affidavit by Mr. Phadima Fukula one would be well advised to even doubt the existence of the fuel station where the alleged hand-over of the alleged five million to Jusitce Zondo allegedly happened,” says LFN President De Beer. “About the last thing to conclude is that the current Acting Chief Justice indeed accepted this bribe to somehow deal with ANC branches resisting the CR17 campaign, as Fukula claims.

The affidavit was published and discussed widely on social media and in the main stream, both in South Africa and overseas. It has led to further speculations about corruption within the ANC and within the judiciary of South Africa. “Everybody talks about ANC corruption, for many years now. It’s a well-known old hat. LFN’s concern lies with the independent functioning of the judiciary, which is supposed to put an end to that kind of crime, but doesn’t,” says De Beer.

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In the affidavit, Fukula, who was quickly dubbed “the missing whistle blower” after he disappeared during a police interview, admitted to have handed a five million rand bribe to judge Zondo. That was four years after he had agreed to perform illegal acts on behalf of some CR17 campaigners, in return for a later financial reward. When his own money was not forthcoming as promised, his conscience awoke from its deep rest that had lasted since 2017. Some masked men in a dark car triggered a sudden fear for his life – and whoa, there was the affidavit. Then Fukula disappeared, the HAWKS came on board, the police investigated, four charges were laid – and when the story lead to nothing much in the public eye, the affidavit was widely circulated on social media. Last week, it culminated in the SAPS misidentifying, likely on purpose, a public figure – coincidentally an activist – as being of some form of mysterious interest to their allegedly ongoing investigation. The strange matter was looked into by LFN’s Mr. Mike Wheeler.

The LFN President says that “while the final report is still outstanding” it is already clear to LFN that “not only is the affidavit’s content more than suspicious, we agree with our supporter that the document cannot stand if examined for just one minute. In fact, it is plain fraud.” Here is a preview of Wheeler’s findings which LFN will publish in due course:

          1) Simple graphological examination reveals inconsistencies with the alleged signatures

2) Not all pages are initialed by the Commissioner of Oaths

          3) The Commissioner of Oaths’, name, purportedly a member of the SAPS, is illegible

          4) The service number is not deployed with the SAPS

          5) The signature page was tampered with in several fraudulent ways

Since May, the fake document was reported on as an actual affidavit and the question of bribery in the judiciary was subjected to wide and wild speculations on the internet, television and in the print media. Eventually, the question of the current whereabouts of the alleged deponent arose. The affair resulted in at least four charges being opened for investigation, one them one by the Hawks and another by Premier of the Eastern Cape, allegedly the source of the “Zondo bribe.” LFN says that “one needs to wonder why those dockets were opened in the first place, on the basis of a legal nullity. One would think that DPCI investigators and the lawyers assisting Mr. Mabuyane should be capable of separating nonsense from a legally relevant document; especially if a layperson can do that without much hassle on his own.”

According to LFN, the Wheeler investigation will prove that the Fukula Affair was another half-baked intelligence operation in which the media failed to catch on properly. It was likely created to establish plausible deniability by CR17 campaigners, by trying to black-wash opponents via easily identifiable false documents; and to bamboozle the public, as usual. According to Wheeler, Fukula did not blow any whistle, at least not with this so-called affidavit, and likely has not disappeared either. Some authorities and politicians are playing along with the scam for reasons best known to themselves. “There is no affidavit. Hence, there can, actually, be no investigation resulting from it“, concludes De Beer.

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