COVID-19: Saving on WhatsApp Data during Lockdown in South Africa

Now that the Lockdown in South Africa was extended by another two weeks, many people must keep their monies wrapped up closely and unfortunately one must decide between having contact with the world and whether your family will be eating tonight.

It is essential that we all stay in touch during the lockdown and to make it a little easier for you making informed decisions, Liberty Fighters Network (LFN) has Googled around and found these following packages available for affordable WhatsApp data saving for all service providers in SA.

Please follow the link next to yours to find the best WhatsApp deal for you.





Virgin Mobile:

Now you have no reason to complain anymore that you have run out of data and surely if you really have a problem reloading and you are a Liberator, you know you can always knock on our family’s door for assistance during this very difficult time for us all.