COVID-19 The Citizen, Sowetan Reported for “fake news” Blunder

Liberty Fighters Network (LFN) has formally reported The Citizen and Sowetan newspapers to the Press Ombudsman on 8 April 2020, following articles published on 7 April 2020 relating to their biased views in relation to the alleged “fake news” video by Mr. Stephen Birch in which he claims that the swabs used by the Government for testing for the COVID-19 virus could be contaminated.

The Citizen on Tuesday, 7 April 2020 reported under the heading “Stephen Birch released on warning after posting fake news about COVID-19 testing kits” that “[Birch] who posted a fake video relating to COVID-19, claiming testing kits are possibly contaminated, was arrested on Monday before being released on a warning on Tuesday.”

Not only has the alleged fake publication not been declared as intentionally spreading alleged fake news, but Birch was never arrested and in fact gave himself over to the Police without being arrested and released on a warning to appear before Court.

The Sowetan, on the other hand, went a step further by accusing other people besides Birch of spreading so called fake news under the heading of “Fake news fans panic over Covid-19” also on 7 April 2020 which could be the day going down in history as when the media was caught with its pants down as clear propaganda machinery of the State.

The interesting fact about this whole “contaminated swab” video is that Stephen Birch made international news couple of years ago when he, as a self-proclaimed investigator from South Africa, claimed that he found the remains of Madeleine McCann the little girl who got lost in Portugal an incident apparently connected to the evil network of the late billionaire and friend of HRH Prince Andrew, Jeffrey Epstein, the alleged mastermind behind an elite child pedophile syndicate which has linked many well-known world celebrities and politicians.

The question must be asked whether Birch could have insider information into a possible claimed COVID-19 conspiracy? Strangely the Democratic Alliance Premier of the Western Cape, Alan Winde, whom himself have been implicated to be part of an alleged covered up multi-million Rand DA money laundering and corruption scheme in the Knysna Municipality by a person with the name of Mike Hampton in his book “Same Shit, Different Government”, was the one who laid the criminal charges against Birch too…

LFN has reported these newspapers in the interest of the public of South Africa who has more questions than answers about the actual magnitude of the COVID-19 alleged pandemic where the published figures by Government simply does not make any sense and actually confirms that the COVID-19 is not the killing disease we were all to made belief before the lockdown started.

In accordance with the latest figures for the COVID-19 cases published by the Department of Health on 7 April 2020, it is alleged that 1749 cases were reported, with only 13 deaths thus far. However, the reported confirmed recoveries from COVID-19 had been stagnating at only 45 people for a couple of days already where the Government has not identified any protocol as yet for reporting recoveries which could mean that many more people have successfully recovered from COVID-19 as we are informed.

The further problem we have identified is the formal report by the Minister of Health, Dr. Zwelini Mkhize, on 6 April 2020 referring to one 57 years old male who allegedly died of a COVID-19 related infection. It was also reported that this male had other more serious conditions like Ischaemic heart disease and diabetes and how the Government reports on COVID-19 deaths must therefore be questioned.

If highly circulated publications like these two newspapers fail to independently analyze facts from fiction and possibly to expose alleged contaminated swabs as is alleged by Birch who has not been found guilty as yet, surely they would have neglected their social responsibilities towards the people of South Africa who potentially could be at risk?

Until the video of Birch had been declared by a Court to be fake, we can only assume that it could be fake but also reasonably assume that it could be the truth and that he was correct.

The only defense we as the people have is to be cautious and, if tested, ensure that the swabs or other equipment used in the process of testing are reasonably safe and that the tests are conducted by a registered health practitioner who must identify himself or herself as someone who by Health Legislation is authorized to conduct such tests.