DA hypocrisy evident in Jonathan Constable Property Hijacking Case

DA hypocrisy

On Friday, 12 January 2018, the Magistrates Court in Johannesburg Central denied bail for alleged property hijacking key-pin, Jonathan Constable, and one of his co-accused.

“Although Liberty Fighters Network (LFN) is relieved in Magistrate Van der Schyff denying bail for these suspects, this case brings more questions than answers” said Reyno De Beer, national representative for LFN, in a media briefing after he received his good news.

DA hypocrisy Johannesburg DA Executive Mayor, Herman Mashaba, quickly issued a media statement in which he again tries to get the glory for the city’s efforts, but strangely never made any remark about the alleged involvement of EFF Councillor, Johanna Mapeko.

The Court was stamped with colourful EFF supporters in their red party gear, cheering Constable when he made remarks pertaining to the involvement of corrupt police and Hawks officers in building hijacking in the city and that Constable claimed that he is a victim of a long conspiracy by these law enforcers to get him arrested.

Gauteng DPCI head, Maj. /Gen. Prince Mokotedi, informed De Beer that Constable claimed before that Hawks wanted to assassinate him and that Mokotedi personally had to go and fetch Constable from the Rwandan Embassy during August 2017 where Constable asked that he receive political asylum in Edward Snowden style.

Mapeko was formally reported to the DA Speaker of Council, Vasco Da Gama, during July 2017 already when she told citizens that Constable was a cop working with local government as special teams coming from Cape Town.

In a witness statement it is also alleged that Mapeko intimidated the person to make payments to Constable or face eviction.

De Beer says that he is of the view that the DA doesn’t want to act against the alleged corruption of an EFF official, because it will definitely lead to the brake down in support for Mashaba to be the continued mayor and immediately open the door for the ANC to reclaim the control over Johannesburg council which is now run by a support (rather than coalition) agreement between the DA and EFF.

The DA has been caught in a battle between ethics and morals and now formally labelled itself as a political group of hypocrites. On the one side it has marketed itself as a party opposing corruption against the Zuptas and on the other side acting against Mapeko could result in loss of power which the DA clearly does not want.

“The trail of deceit of the DA started last year with the mess in the Nelson Mandela Metro, but then somewhat DA corruption in Knysna has gone by unnoticed to most and now the deceit of the DA in Johannesburg to act against the estimated R20 billion per annum property hijacking network” emphasize De Beer.

The slip of the tongue report of Mashaba suddenly mentioning that “now Johannesburg can continue to reclaim these buildings for the poor as housing” is really unawkward, isn’t it? It is well known that the DA is planning to enter in joint ventures with property developers to transform many of these “hijacked” buildings in low cost housing.

But wait a bit. Aren’t those buildings allegedly hijacked from their rightful owners, but now COJ wants to make money from it in partnership with the private sector? Sounds like a paradox, doesn’t it?

However, that is the plan but the question is who are these developers and who is going to benefit from these conversions? There is no such thing as a free lunch and for Mashaba to mention this in a media release after the hijacking hearing sounds just too much like a plan for the DA to in fact “hijack” properties themselves to realise these joint venture proposals.

Notwithstanding that De Beer informed COJ, Police and Hawks that he knows who the main real property hijackers in the city are and that he knows how to prevent it from happening further, no one has formally approached him for assistance. Why? Is a logical question to ask.

As LFN has reported before Constable is a “Mickey Mouse” suspect and that the real property hijackers are much, much bigger and more influential. Why are guys like “Chopdat” managing thousands of properties he has purchased on auctions never taking transfer, yet collecting rentals in a cowboy style and refusing to pay municipal accounts not being pursued instead?

The late Popo Mokotla, business partner of late Maria Sibiya, was a well known property hijacker and financier of the ANC and chairman of its Mondeor Branch, Johannesburg South. Mokotla was known in Johannesburg South as the most arrogant person alive and seemingly that was due to the fact that he was being protected by very high ANC buddies which names will make your hair rise. This most arrogant man, may his soul not rest in peace, was a mobster and his crime dockets were known also to disappear and charges dropped or never trailed.

Doesn’t that sound like work a very familiar DA stalwart had been accused of doing? Just thinking out load of course.

DA liberals fear the idea of expropriation of land without compensation advocated by the EFF, BLF and now even ANC, yet the DA is already busy implementing it’s plans to expropriate land in Johannesburg without compensation behind the smoke screen that the properties are bought by writing it off against the outstanding debt, which debt in most cases had been incorrectly billed or unlawfully inflated.

The well spoken Constable had been historically linked to be an alleged military intelligence operative and have been very outspoken about immigration policies through his probable “one man band” National Immigrants Council of South Africa (NICSA) he had been running with Rev. George Fick a confirmed supporter of Gayton McKenzie and the Patriotic Front.

For Constable to suddenly appear on the scene in Johannesburg shortly after the xenophobia incidents in Johannesburg South due to the community blaming some foreigners of hijacking properties and then use those houses as drug and prostitution dens, sounds just too coincidental and requires more investigation.

“I still think that the Constable arrest is a DA hoax, but that is only my fair comment” says De Beer.