The Myth of the Everlasting Globe of Capitalism

South Africa became a democracy 24 years ago and embraced the economical open market system of capitalism as its driving force after several years of sanctions which effectively closed our economy to the rest of the world.

Analysing our achievements over these more than two decades we are told that we did make a lot of progress as a nation, but I disagree and am of the view that we are all worse off than under “Apartheid” (English: Segregation) and I tend to qualify my point of view.

For starters our historical townships and other informal settlements have clearly grown much larger than the original sizes of the past. Logically our population has grown a considerable number since 1994 and that would be an obvious reason, but weren’t we supposed to prevent poverty amongst the poorest of the poor relying on corrugated iron shelters and to integrate all into our commercial and industrial hubs previously only for whites? Clearly that did not happen.

Some political parties like the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) and Black First Land First (BLF), above few others, are advocating radical economic transformation essentially focusing on white privilege (a term I as a struggling white man still need to embrace) and redistribution of land without compensation.

This past weekend I again watched the old classical movie Doctor Zhivago telling the tale of how the white communists of Russia came into power physically invading the large houses of the aristocrats dividing those homes in different rooms to shelter the homeless and oppressed poor whites. The villa of the Zhivago’s was changed into something like a 30 room house for 30 families.

Going to places like Johannesburg South one will find the rental house of Mr. Pillay, for example above several hundreds of others similar, situated in High Street where an original 3 bedroom house was divided into 25 “coffin” rooms about the size of half a normal garage each where the kitchen and one bathroom must be shared amongst all. However, where communism gave those rooms free of charge to the poor, the clearly poor occupants must pay on average R1500 per month rental for such a room to the agent of Mr. Pillay. Other landlords in the area charge as much as R6000 per month for the same size!

I have recently read an informative article written by a well-known private investigator, Mike Bolhuis, about cable theft and the syndicate behind it. Basically it starts with scrap metal dealers mandating thieves to steal these cables and then those cables are sold to refineries for considerable amounts of money or other kind, so he believes. A crime almost unheard of during the years of Segregation.

What was left out of this equation according to me was that businesses who sell new cables could also be part of this syndicate, where they can also mandate thieves to steal cables and sell it to scrap metal dealers so that these cable suppliers can sell and install new cables again at more frequent intervals.

In fact it would make more sense to me if cable suppliers are the master minds behind this syndicate (not that I disagree with the opinion of Bolhuis), because they don’t have any expense to buy back stolen cables having a far less exposure yet profiting the most. That would be the more sensible, yet unpopular version.

I have read once that the American inventor, Thomas Edison, apparently perfected the electrical globe to be everlasting, but because it would have resulted that globes are not changed that often to generate a constant income in a capitalist American economy it was never mass produced. In better words, no one wanted to manufacture it and for the few who attempted apparently suspicious disasters struck forcing them out of business.

Talking about Edison. The pauper genius, Nicola Tesla, invented a way to collect and distribute the free electricity surrounding us all through electricity towers and originally the banking billionaire, JP Morgan, funded this project which would have supplied free sustainable electricity to everyone.

Edison then convinced Morgan that they can make big bucks by generating electricity in his proposed way instead resulting in Morgan leaving Tesla’s project in the cold and continued with the Edison venture which is in essence what we have today. Clearly no cheap electricity at all.

My Volkswagen Golf MK1, alias “Blue Betty“, is more than 30 years old and the past few years I had to replace many of her original parts due to the time consuming normal wear and tear.

Interestingly the brand new parts I buy from Goldwagen under our capitalist economy, only last a few months or break again shortly after it is out of its warranty period like the steering rack which is due for replacement again after only two years. It is as if each new part has a micro time bomb inside it to explode once that warranty period expires. I also had to replace Blue Betty‘s gear links at least three times the past four years, after the original links finally died of old age around 2014.

Does that sound familiar? Maybe you have experienced the same with your mammoth 78cm box Telefunken television which still endures the end of times 30 years after it had been manufactured. Unfortunately buying a brand new flat screen monitor (I’m told that referring to those devices as televisions today are so not cool) might last you three years today, still much longer than its cheaper mass produced East Asian competitors in most cases. The quality of products in general have clearly deteriorated over the past 30 years from the days Blue Betty was produced in the Eastern Cape under our socialist state.

In summer times we used to sleep with open front doors during the years of Segregation, but just before the 1994 Elections there was this wave of fear amongst us white people expecting a civil war and everyone started to erect palisade fencing, walls and locked their front doors with padlock security gates. Every Oom Piet Skiet and Trompie started to weld steel together in their backyards where some like Trellidor came up with very innovative designs used worldwide today.

Now that I look back I realise how stupid most of my white people were to think that it could really help to keep unwanted black people out of our white areas, disguised as helping to keep us safe during demonstrations and the “Uhuru” where us whites would be skinned and dried out hanging on the trees for vultures to feast on. How bloody ridiculous we were having essentially caused us to be imprisoned in our own homes for nothing, sparking the rebirth of the security industry…

The Segregation security industry was almost non-existent and I remember the green vans of Rennies asset transport as the only security business around. However I thought as a child that they were actually the “Child Police” who throw naughty children in jail. When I saw the “R” vans I used to run like a cheetah on heat and hide underneath the nearest bed or table I could find. My mother still says today that I was the most obedient child she knew. Now you all know why, with compliments of the long gone Rennies off course.

However, if cable suppliers could be the master minds behind the cable theft syndicates, then security companies could also be the master minds behind crime in general. Who are more to benefit from crime than those who are paid to protect us from it? My fair comment off course.

If a cash in transit van is ambushed by a gang of 15 robbers armed with AK47 machine guns, the Police arrive on the scene where a heavy gun battle breaks loose and no one is even injured, that must be a miracle to say the least. The cash of probably tens of millions of Rand is gone and an insurance claim is lodged and if either the security company or Police or both could have been involved, that could be a great way of starting to save for Christmas this year.

Hollywood teaches us that mafias start to go to businesses to ask them if they don’t need protection from criminals and when the business owner refuses the mafia will burn down the shop or do something which would force him to pay the mafia for protection services. It would be better to call it “prevent the mafia from attacking you” service.

Rhino poaching: “The Asians are killing our rhinos for damn aphrodisiac!” is the common pickup line for my white comrades when this subject pops up. When I finally Googled this controversial dilemma close to my heart, I saw plenty of photos with mainly white hunters posing with the USA flag over rhino carcases. Isn’t that strange? Could it be that rhino poaching is the excuse used to claim insurance money for those rhinos too after the rhino owners were already generously paid by these oversees hunters? Are we wrongly looking towards Asia for these poaching culprits while those who are shouting “POACHING!” could be the actual criminals? My fair comment for an open debate.

Adding to rhino poaching the largest arms manufacturer in Africa, Paramount Group, owned by the billionaire, Ivor Itchikovitz, and friend of the NP Minister of Foreign Affairs, Pik Botha, has also jumped on the wagon to combat rhino poaching by selling specially designed military equipment to the Government. With all these expenses rhino poaching has not stopped or even reduced and seemingly became a very lucrative business, hasn’t it?

In South Africa today crime has become the commerce which keeps our economy going. When crime stops, our capitalist economy will literally stop too and it will run around like a headless chicken not knowing how to make further profits for the elite rich at the top. Think about it for one second.

If there is one day a sudden divine intervention and we wake up to an Utopia of no crime, who will be jobless and who will be out of business?

For starters all security businesses giving work to an estimated 500000 people will seize to exist. Police officers, state prosecutors and correctional services would become obsolete. Whammm! Another 300000 jobs! Our National Defence Force…. Whooop! Another 102 jobs created through the arms scandal gone. (I don’t know whether we still have a SANDF I must admit.)

Cables would have to be reinvented to make it brittle more often (not that it hasn’t happened yet), and think about car and other manufacturers of “stealable” equipment which would also have to lay off personnel in the thousands.

Strange thing is when we lived in the whites only socialist state during Segregation real crime, with emphasis on violent crimes, was not as rampant amongst any race as today barely existing, the quality of goods were much better, prices were strictly controlled, education was free and so also health care where doctors were considered just as rich as the NG kerk dominee.

Although white people would argue it, but we did have a socialist state during the years of Segregation and today we do have an open economy capitalist state.

If one looks at Russia which became an open market democracy like South Africa around the same time, one would observe that Russia suffers from similar increase in crime as we do where white collar crimes (fraud and corruption) are the order of the day. It would then be logic to conclude that capitalism brought mass crime to South Africa and Russia.

I have read the results of a relatively recent study conducted amongst randomly selected 10000 Russians where 75% of those participants wanted to go back to the previous communist regime saying that they had more and…. you guessed right… there was then a lot less crime. The 25% others either said that they are either profiting from capitalism or they don’t care which system is in place.

In South Africa it is easy to blame the Segregation state for the economical suffering of the black people who are the more visible poor, but reality is that in the capitalist Russia where the poor are white people similar oppression is clearly observed than amongst the poor black masses. Yes, Segregation was the key player depriving black people and other races from owning land and become economically stable, but after 24 years a new culprit emerged – capitalism.

Let us white people be honest with ourselves. We can’t change what we won’t acknowledge. Period. When white settlers colonised the Southern tip of Africa bringing capitalism to our shores, white people already grew up with it and mastered the open market system. Black people were only then introduced to it and had to start competing with white capitalism then already decades behind. Black people never had the true opportunity to have started on equal ground to compete with white capitalism and will never be on equal terms unless a generous head start is provided to especially the poor black masses. Let that sink in for a minute…

Capitalists will preach confidently that we in South Africa are experiencing something they call “cronyism”, which is according to my view euphemism for capitalism. Capitalism can’t exist without crime, where I have experienced that under socialism crime was almost unknown amongst all races. Go to Russia and one would observe that crime during communism was harshly dealt with too.

The new wave of neo-liberalism has also made us more acceptable to things we would historically not approve of. For example one of the first things the ANC did when it took over management from the white socialists, was to legalise pornography which was a close to death penalty when caught with a “humpty dumpty” adult magazine from Germany under your bed during Segregation. No exaggeration to my black brothers who think that whites had it good all the time.

That effectively opened up the drug trade as well where we know that adult entertainment and drugs are like pink and a baby girl, inseparable. The worst Segregation era drug we knew about was “Dagga” which is not reckoned as a drug in many circles today in any event.

The young Anthony Hopkins blockbuster British movie of 1971, Clockwork Orange, is truly one of the most erotic movies of all times and was banned from the Republic of South Africa, then independent from Britain for a decade. Being a British movie and if South Africa never became independent from the British Empire, that movie would definitely have been issued here too. I’m trying not to be too conservative, but someone who beliefs that the adult entertainment trade did bring more harm in the form of crime than good to our society, that movie is an example of what we would have had under further British rule.

The new capitalist regime’s main focus was job creation, clearly not caring whether the created jobs were crime related or immoral. If one could have a night time job to climb a pole and cut live cables with a bolt cutter or a young just turned 18 years old (or so we hope) girl dancing naked before ugly old men at the local Houghton shibeen, that would be considered as two extra jobs successfully created with compliments of the pro-wealth creation capitalist new regime.

If more people die of HIV/Aids, the more burials take place annually. Could funeral undertakers deliberately spread HIV so that more people die of this incurable disease? Just thinking load lyrics again. We didn’t know this terminal sickness under the socialist Segregation state either and suddenly under Capitalism it is an epidemic killing hundreds of thousands of people annually.

And no, Segregation did not hide this disease from us. The first real known case of HIV/Aids us South Africans were aware of was the American actor, Rock Hudson, who died of it during 1985. Suddenly this disease spread to every continent mainly targeting poor Africans at a time when capitalism had a world revival and upswing as the preferred economical system in the world.

Could showing children in our new regime how to put on and use a condom in fact encourage them to have sex in order to increase the population to make way for more people to be infected with HIV/Aids so that pharmaceutical companies can make more money from anti-viral drugs too? Again just a philosophical opinion. Neither white nor black South Africans were ever taught how to slip a Durex over a banana either and today teenage pregnancy is so high that a multitude of teenage girls drop out of school annually as a result thereof not finishing their educational careers.

During Segregation we were warned that the Chris de Burgh Spanish Train song was Satanic (Ooooo!) and it was banned from the country. This warning had quite the opposite effect and us white youth went out in all our glory to obtain a copy of this “evil” song instead. It is human nature to seek what we may not have…

Listen to this one… “9 out of 10 people diagnosed with lung cancer are smokers“. Thus, 1 out of 10 lung cancer cases are caused by purely non-smoking related symptoms where those causes could also be present amongst those other 9 smoking cases as well. That is what I understand. What about the 95 year old great grandmother who had been smoking 30 cigarettes a day the past 70 years and is still alive? Could the fuss over smoking during our new capitalist regime also actually encourage more people to smoke than stopping them as well?

We also know the trick of some tow truck drivers to spill diesel at dangerous intersections to wait for a drunk driver at 03h00 on a Saturday morning to spin out and crash in a blaze. All this for money and probably another death for undertakers to fight about.

I must end my examples with one of the most controversial crimes in South Africa today – farm murders. There are those who say that these murders are racially motivated, but studies also show that farmers (mostly white) are simply easy targets due to the spaces between farms and others to come and help. Whichever way one wants to look at this issue, the fact remains that greed is ultimately the driving force behind this. Not even during the border war so many farmers were killed, if any, and the only difference between now and then is the change to capitalism where even the races are the same. Whether for land or wealth or simply exterminating white people so that black people allegedly can have more, are all elements of capitalism.

Making products easier to brake for the purpose to generate more sales, above others, is fraud and otherwise criminal according to me.

Our society needs to draw the line whether we want crime to be part of our communities or whether crime is the cancer preventing us from enjoying our lives. If we decide to get rid of crime, this system we call our saviour – capitalism – must go. No debate necessary.

I for starters thought that 1994 would open the system under Segregation to include all races, however the socialist previous regime was substituted with this capitalist pure evil we have today instead.

The everlasting globe, although possible to produce, will remain a myth unless we absolve ourselves from our love to earn more money and increase ourselves to better heights above our fellow human beings.

The only way to get rid of crime, get better quality products and services at controlled prices and have land for all, is to revolt against capitalism.

Interestingly most capitalists are Christians. Hallo! Jesus built His Gospel on socialism by preaching sharing what we have with others, telling the world that money is the root of all evil, and if anyone telling you that increase is Godly distance yourself from such person. The Prophet Ezekiel wrote that it is against the will of God to receive interest on loans, keep property held in security of a loan and not to share what we have with others, but somehow Christians find excuses to search in God’s words that wealth is the pathway to Heaven instead.

This world, and in particular South Africa, is confused and is clearly running like a flock of sheep towards the slaughterhouse. We all have the power to change our lives for the better and the easy outcome is to revolt against capitalism in all its formats.