Karma has caught up with Clicks… And EFF

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While, as of today, the Supreme Court of Appeal in Bloemfontein will be considering whether the Minister of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs, Dr. Dlamini Zuma, will be granted leave against parts of the judgment excluded by Justice Norman Davis on 30 June 2020, which is something that will have massive consequences for the country, its people and, consequently also both Clicks and EFF, Liberty Fighters Network (LFN) is amazed at the drama of almost Shakespearean proportions unfolding between a political party and a cosmetics retailer of South Africa. Both appear to be oblivious to their surroundings.

LFN does neither support violence nor stupidity and is therefore sceptically critical of the opponents of that theatrical play.

Earlier this year, one of our supporters, Mr. Stephan Smit, had been ridiculed by Clicks, in public, after he had been unprofessionally and aggressively confronted by Clicks’ security and ill-informed patrons for rightfully refusing to wear a mask. Our supporter never received an iota of apology by the retailer for having been intimidated and threatened at their premises, by personnel under their supervision and by some of their patrons without any attempt by the chain’s management to rectify the situation, something which could have easily been achieved under proper leadership. Instead, more and more LFN supporters are now choosing other retailers for their cosmetic shopping experience, a move we strongly encourage until management does right by Mr Smith.

By the same token, we are struggling to understand at this time the reasons behind the retailers’ apparent submission into the EFF boo-ha; for what exactly – in real terms – remains unknown.

Just like Clicks, EFF seem to have lost their direction entirely. LFN still remembers them for their worldwide publicity engagement into some non-functioning toilets in the Western Cape. During lockdown, EFF was and is nowhere to be seen on matters of actual concern – other than supporting a so-called black liberation movement that later turned out to be a ruse, enacted by certain players in the US election. While LFN not only complained about such “pussy footing” to EFF, the party was even absent during the rallies supported by LFN. Attending EFF supporters, at that time still believing that their party would “do something”, were advised accordingly.

In all, it comes at no surprise to LFN that EFF now dabbles in fashion matters, something only a few people fully understand in any event. Especially by someone who seemingly have developed a love for wearing Armani shoes… Obviously, that party has its priorities set on things it finds sufficiently important to act on: Ablution and hairstyles. LFN wishes all actors in this saga luck in their endeavours. In the meanwhile, LFN shall continue to fight back against the theft of the rights of the people by those in power and the other 14 gofer political parties who have supported them.