LFN Judgment Expected This Friday; Government Activity Picking Up

The Pretoria High Court has informed Liberty Fighters Network (LFN) and the Minister of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs, Dr. Zuma, that the long awaited judgments in their two applications before this Court will be handed down this Friday, 23 October 2020.

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One does not need to be a rocket scientist to see the rather timely connection to Health Minister Mkhize’s call for an urgent Cabinet meeting last week, to beg from his colleagues a courteous go-ahead. His urgent quest concerned the attempt to dust-off the previously repealed Regulations Relating to the Surveillance and the Control of Notifiable Medical Conditions. LFN noted at the point of the initial perusal of the draft paper, that Dr Mkhize’s amendments seem, to a frightening extent, to be in alignment with the much contested DMA Regulations, at least as far as Mkhize’s attempts to curtail or nullify basic human rights are concerned.

The DMA Regulations may become null and void soon, partly or in full; pending Friday’s judgments. Hence, the contents of the widely circulated draft ostensibly stemming from the Minister’s office are, in fact, not new at all but the old DMA Regulations hat; full of actual and potential future restrictions to almost all basic human rights, often bolstered by unverified claims. Last week, this hat seems to have been taken from the CoGTA hook and put elsewhere, on the Health hook, for now. Perhaps just in case it may be required there, pending Friday’s judgments? We do not know for sure. LFN does assure, however, that there it will not remain, at least not in its current shape or form. Reason: Last week already, LFN engaged with the Health Minister in questioning both, legality and rationality, of the anticipated enactment of the drafted Amendments.

As an aside: LFN always advocated that the by now infamous DMA Regulations were of no effect as early as of June 24, something for which the association’s President, De Beer, had childishly been ridiculed by much of the Mainstream media; not to forget some self-proclaimed “fact checkers”. Which, by the way, are responsible to nobody but their financiers, it would seem. Someone might want to check that. Even if our view regarding the early end of the lockdown should not prevail as per Friday’s judgment, LFN would like to suggest that there is a tiny bit more to this specific and rather important argument than pretenders just making stuff up as they go along. LFN welcomes any honest debate or query about any of the subjects contained in its matters pertaining to the DMA Regulations, be that the matter currently before the Supreme Court of Appeal or the matters argued before the High Court in Pretoria. Announcements in this context will follow.

LFN has argued that the Government should have utilised the readily available International Health Regulations Act 1974, as amended, instead of declaring a National State of Disaster much earlier this year. The current and somewhat sudden move away from CoGTA, over to Health, might well shift the Ministerial pastime of making the lives of ordinary South Africans as miserable as possible, and for no good reason, from one Ministry to another. And indeed, the draft regulations are already telling the South African populace that the Health Minister intends to proceed, and to possibly step up, the limitations and encroachments of basic human rights; his intention to continue to enforce a wearing of masks is but one example and, again, a factual reason to support this very intention, as for instance with undisputed, scientifically established facts is conspicuously absent. In fact, LFN notes with interest that the Health Minister thus far has failed to underpin any of his intended actions with any solid scientific basis. One would have thought that same should have been a tad easier for him than, say, the CoGTA Minister. Our assumption is reasoned in the fact that the Minister of Health heads, well, the Health Ministry. It is supposedly filled to the brim with people who should know these things.

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Regarding the – potentially – positive outcome on Friday, LFN’s President De Beer says that “nobody can look into the future. But regardless whether the judgments will be fully or partly in our favour, we are proud to have acted on behalf of our supporters and the People of South Africa in general.”

“Whatever the outcome may be, most importantly this judgment will tell all of us, as we are living in South Africa today, where we stand on the issues to be dealt with and how to move forward; be that the allegedly persisting health dangers to the public, be that in terms of another very damaging virus, namely the government corruption virus, or how to assist children and the elderly in particular during these testing times and most of all, how we can all continue to live our lives and rebuild was has been destroyed by these completely overboard lock-down measures; not only for ourselves but also in the interest of future generations of South Africans,” he adds.

Commenting on potentially imminent legal challenges, De Beer comments as follows: “If indeed we should meet the Health Minister in Court – and the chances at this point are quite good for that to happen – we are very much looking forward to it. Because he is the best person in the country who will be able to give us all the information we require. Real facts, not just the propaganda angles or copied stuff from the net. He knows. He must. Because he is our Minister of Health.”

Mr de Beer wishes to take this opportunity to thank all LFN supporters. In particular he expresses his gratitude on behalf of Liberty Fighters Network to those supporters in particular who have thus far contributed their time, expertise, input, opinion or money to the associations efforts to legally challenge the injustice done to the people of South Africa.

Thank you.

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