LFN on DA COVID-19 Hypocrisy

Reacting to the Democratic Alliance’s (DA) Western Cape Premier, Alan Winde, requesting cabinet that the national state of disaster should be scrapped, LFN’s Reyno De Beer laughingly responded that the “DA’s COVID-19 hypocrisy is simply too overwhelming!”.

Not only was Winde at the forefront to push the COVID-19 narrative and even requesting for much stricter measures to be implemented at times, but the DA supported the declaration of the national state of disaster on 15 March 2020 while none of the 14 political parties in Parliament even had any information to back such a drastic measure; there were also other less intrusive options available.

“It appears as if the DA’s ‘bribe’ monies have dried up and now Winde is only reminding the ANC and the ‘Stellenbosch mafia’ to kindly top up for its local election drives,” jokes De Beer.

People have been so engulfed in the COVID-19 narrative and fear-mongering that we have forgotten to trace back where it all started. Let LFN kindly remind everyone, that not only were the People told that only 61 cases scattered throughout South Africa, without even one local state of disaster declared, resulted in the national state of disaster, but the entire country went into the never-ending lockdown since 27 March 2020 when the World Health Organisation (WHO) only introduced a separate ICD-10 code for COVID-19 on 1 April 2020 to count the actual cases. Thus, there was no method then available to determine even one legitimate COVID-19 case by the time the DA openly supported the ANC’s decision. If COVID-19 started with lies, how can we belief that anything thereafter was the truth?

“Notwithstanding that LFN, and subsequently several other organisations, formally requested the Government to produce the required information justifying the national state of disaster, not once has the Government done so,” exclaimed De Beer. “The national disaster was in fact created by the measures taken to address COVID-19 and not by the claimed disease itself.”

Let LFN further kindly inform the People that the DA’s Winde was also at the forefront to close the Western Cape’s beaches last December resulting in many businesses relying on tourism to indefinitely close their doors. Then the public hospitals in his province had admitted 66934 less patients during the entire 2020 COVID-19 year than during 2019 when there was no ‘pandemic’. In court papers last December when LFN attempted to open the beaches, it further appeared that the Western Cape then merely had a 34% bed-utilisation-rate (BUR) sparking the DA’s support to close tourism while the normal BUR during 2019 was a staggering 91%.

“Anyone who beliefs that the DA, or any other of the thirteen Parliament minion political parties, have our best interests at heart and deserve our votes, must either be living on the moon or be brain-dead,” says De Beer.“LFN is not a political party and will never be one. We are more than happy to keep on representing the People against the tyranny of the State and politicians. We represent the real majority amongst us, those who invalidate their ballots and do not even care to pitch up to vote – the 67% of our People,” so De Beer.

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