LFN Responds to Support and Announcement by Government to Appeal

Liberty Fighters Network (LFN) noted with extreme dissatisfaction the announcement by Government today that it intends to appeal the judgment handed down on Tuesday, 2 June 2020 in the Pretoria High Court, declaring all Lockdown Regulations to be unconstitutional and invalid.

By the time this statement was released, LFN had not received any formal notice from Government. We will formulate a suitable response once the request for Leave to Appeal has been scrutinised.

LFN is ready to oppose any appeal attempt by Government and will accept any such challenge as representatives for the people of our country.

Since the judgment, LFN was astounded by all the thanksgiving messages it received; not only from the people of South Africa but also from across Africa and the United States of America.

LFN has accepted its unofficial role as the delegate for the people of our country during the time when all the political parties in Parliament pledged their Lockdown support to our clearly disorientated Government.

If a referendum could be called today, LFN believes that the vast majority of the South African electorate would be voting in favour of a Government submitting itself to a judgment which, we feel, to have been a very fair and just assessment of the South African reality under Lockdown. Instead of bringing its regulations in line with our constitution and end the ongoing abuses of Human Rights, Government appears to have chosen a path of a rather weird resistance. If this, our Government, was indeed a Government by the people and for the people, you would not be reading this. Thank you all for your support.


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