Dear People of our country and Africa,

I feel insulted today.

Sorry, but I can’t bare hypocrisy by our Government and some of our People.

Do us People even know what Heritage Day stand for? It is a day, formally known as Shaka Day, and adapted for the new South Africa to essentially celebrate our Bill of Rights of our Constitution. 

Can we really be happy or blessed today about this Heritage Day? No we can’t. Our forefathers will be ashamed of SA and our continent today.
If you are someone who obediently adheres to the unconstitutional Disaster Management Regulations this ANC Government has put in place which destroyed our lives due to the COVID-19 scamdemic, especially wearing your mask and sending your children to school with one, you have absolutely no right to celebrate our Constitution and today and need to revisit yourself.

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In particular I refer to those hypocrites who even have the audacity to tell others to put on their masks when others want to be free to breath. How dare those people say today that they want to celebrate our heritage? Those still obedient to the Lockdown regulations, notwithstanding that it already means nothing since 24 June 2020 and the ANC had been slapping the dead horse to the great amusement to all backstabbing politicians who betrayed us, have no right to even complain about this “Nazi” ANC regime and its other 13 sheeple political parties in Parliament.

I will never be false. My morals and ethical values are just too high to be compromised. I refuse to send my daughters to school with masks, because it is child abuse and so shouldn’t you. Period.

Sadly our children can go to a restaurant and take off their masks there, but at school they must rigidly wear it all the time in class. Shouldn’t we start teaching our children at restaurants instead?

Today also marks the 29th day since our Court hearing without having received the important judgment. 

I don’t trust our judiciary one bit anymore. There is no reason to wait for almost one month to render a judgment. No reason at all. 

The Courts of our country are not for the People but for the elite to manipulate and the time has come that the still sleeping People wake up and that we must actively start to revolt against the Court system of South Africa and demand total reformation of it.

The British Royal House has too much influence in our country’s affairs and we must start to denounce all English practices in our Courts. The “bat attire” is the first thing that must go. We are urging all our People to start mocking anyone wearing this ridiculous “bat” outfits as a token of submission to the British Queen and her family of leeches. I will try getting myself a shocking pink outfit next time I enter a Court room in protest to all British legal traditions and practices. The so called “Inn” system must be denounced on all fronts possible.

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Will our President, Cyril Ramaphosa, puppet of the British Royal House of Windsor, answer to our letter requesting that he must investigate himself through a Judicial Commission of Inquiry? LFN doubt and is he most probably waiting for further instructions from Prince Charles who apparently took over the functions of the British Royal House.
While our President is busy colluding behind the backs of our People with HRH, maybe it’s time he can ask Elizabeth II when the Cullinan Diamonds can find their way back home to our country after her agents Louis Botha and Jan Smuts stole it from us and gave it to her family without the permission of the People…

Isn’t it also time that our media stop to write pages and pages of crap stories about the British Royal Family? Doesn’t South Africa have enough traditional leaders to promote instead of telling us about yet another Windsor on its way? I stopped reading “Die Huisgenoot” years ago just because it loves to write stories about the Windsor cartel every week.
I honestly don’t care whether people stop supporting LFN because of what I have said, but it’s a total disgrace what we are doing to this beloved country of us, our freedoms we have fought for, our children’s future and most of all, allowing this Government to violate our religions and traditions.

It’s time South Africa become fully independent from the British Royal Family and resign it’s membership to the Commonwealth immediately.
South Africa and Africa will never prosper until that day we have finally cut our ties with the British Royal Family. None of them is welcome in South Africa anymore. Next time when they visit, let us show them our contempt towards them in any way we can.

Shame on each one of you who still obeys this Government and our so called President who is merely the steward of Queen Elizabeth II. 
Evil triumphs, because of good people doing nothing.

What are YOU as a fellow South African and African going to do about it from today onwards?

I have reached a point of being GATVOL to see how the lives of all our People are destroyed by one family who thinks they own the world. The Windsor Family must be evicted from our country, Africa and, if it’s possible, the world.

Disgruntled African,

Reyno De Beer

President: Liberty Fighters Network

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