Minister Zuma not off the hook yet; given a lifeline by Court

On Friday, 19 February 2021, in his 33 page judgment, Justice Norman Davis ruled that, although Minister Dlamini-Zuma showed signs of “contemptuous conduct”, LFN and its President Reyno De Beer did not provide her with sufficient time to file her opposition in defending herself from a possible Contempt charge of an order by the very High Court Gauteng Division of 2 June 2020.

Justice Davis, however, confirmed that the Minister failed to have lodged her appeal in time and that the suspension brought about by the original suspension also lapsed in respect of those parts. These included the declaration of unconstitutionality and invalidity against, above others, the closure of beaches, limited attendance at funerals and the criminal prosecution of various DMA Regulations.

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Unfortunately, that means that the public will have to wait a tiny bit longer for the final Contempt of Court verdict. The matter will now be enrolled on the normal roll for finalisation.

Although the Court did not grant a formal order in respect of both the closure of beaches and places of worship, these instances were seen as clearly unconstitutional; yet due to the fact that the Minister uplifted those restrictions earlier this month while we all awaited the judge putting pen to paper, the Court found that it was irrelevant to make a formal ruling in those instances.

We are actually pleased with the outcome of the judgment, because Justice Davis in fact confirmed that many of our arguments were spot on. Sadly, as we have predicted might happen, the outcome of the Esau case in the Supreme Court of Appeal on 28 January 2021 was extensively cited in the judgment ­- while we never had the opportunity to have countered it at the hearing on 12 January 2021” President De Beer stated.

Justice Davis, in declining to grant an order in favour of the applicants in respect of the compulsory wearing of masks, stated that “wearing a mask is not about one’s personal choice or one’s own appetite for risk, it is about protecting others.” This stance, according to LFN and De Beer, is factually misplaced as the Court chose to ignore several facts proving that it’s nothing but propaganda. “Surely, we will request leave to appeal in that respect or simply proceed with our arguments before the current Supreme Court of Appeal matter” De Beer confidently stated.

In this spirit, LFN will continue to fight against the COVID-19 narrative in the interest of all.

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One thought on “Minister Zuma not off the hook yet; given a lifeline by Court

  1. Well done in the circumstances Reyno. The maskers, manipulators and mind controllers are all going to be shaken by developments in the USA shortly. The truth shall prevail and the best is yet to come.