Compulsory COVID-19 tests, vaccination Illegal, says LFN

LFN received many complaints over the past three months from members of the public relating to their employers forcing them to get tested and vaccinated against COVID-19.

It appears that Trade Unions, most affiliated to COSATU in alliance with the ANC, have forsaken their members” LFN President, Reyno De Beer, said last night at an LFN executive meeting which was also attended by representatives of other concerned stakeholders. “Trade Unions should know well that in their experiences over the past three decades fighting for rights of HIV/AIDS citizens that numerous Courts and International Treaties have confirmed that compulsory testing anyone for a disease is illegal.

The LFN meeting discussed concerns from employees of major companies throughout the country in that employees are being coerced to either get tested for COVID-19 or may even be forced to get vaccinated to avoid disciplinary action, potentially followed by dismissal. One large retailer even wants to send employees refusing such medical interventions for psychological observation. From indication and personal encounters with Union execs, LFN are aware that some Trade Unions even support such illegal efforts by employers; at the cost of the very members they had vowed to protect. And for which protection they are being paid, by the way.

No one may discriminate against any individual on the basis of the HIV/AIDS status of that person; the same legal principles apply to the status of COVID-19. In fact, any employer which is forcing an employee to undergo either a test or vaccination against the clear, wilful, consent of any employee under the threat of possibly losing his or her job, amounts to criminal assault and statutory intimidation and the medical professional attending to such intervention could be reported to the relevant regulatory body if the will of the employee is not respected; apart from prosecution.

LFN is further concerned that there is a clear practice developing where people who decide on their individual terms that either testing for, or being vaccinated against, COVID-19 is against their will or religion, are openly discriminated against. The same applies to the infamous wearing of masks where not even the World Health Organisation prescribes the either compulsory wearing of masks, nor wearing of masks in open public spaces, by healthy individuals. This practice is promoted by the mass media propagandizing those who still follow them. LFN noted that most people are merely obedient because they fear to be arrested.

Anyone of our supporters who is forced by his/her employer to undergo compulsory testing or vaccination for COVID-19, or threatened with disciplinary action for not wearing a mask, must immediately report to us by email to

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