Hidden Facts: Gordhan, Ramaphosa, Madonsela – Wolves in Sheep Clothes

Pravin Gordhan Cyril Ramaphosa

Everyone in South Africa is still dumbstruck over the bombshell our Minister of Finance, Pravin Gordhan, released this past weekend (Sunday, 16 October 2016) regarding the suspicious R6.8 Billion transactions of the Gupta Family which have lead to several banks closing this family’s accounts.

I can almost see how many of us are going to make a bowl of popcorn and sit back in front of our televisions this week to see how this saga is going to unfold where many are very curious to see whether President Jacob Zuma is at last going to enjoy only few more days in our highest office.

Although the Liberty Fighters Movement (LFM) is also not a great supporter of Zuma as a leader ,it has noticed something else unfold behind the scenes which cannot be good for the people of our country. LFM is concerned about the institution involved in this saga which is not openly mentioned – the SA Reserve Bank (SARB).

Pravin Gordhan Cyril Ramaphosa LFM is also really concerned that our Deputy President, Cyril Ramaphosa, suddenly came out of the closet in support of Gordhan which indicates that Ramaphosa is doing kite flying between the two clearly visible factions within the African National Congress (ANC). The only two reasons for this are firstly for power and secondly for his well-known love for money which made him one of the 100 top most influential people in the world according to the Forbes Magazine a few years ago as well as one of only 1812 American Dollar Billionaires in the entire world according to this same famous magazine’s latest.

Visualise this for a second… Ramaphosa was a dedicated communist before the 1994 democratic election and within a few years he became a multi-millionaire and today he is a “Super Capitalist”.

Uninformed people will immediately say that it’s typically communism, but the fact is that Ramaphosa is clearly a capitalist and was never a communist at all. He was therefore clearly a wolf in sheep clothes for those communists in our country who supported him. For those capitalists amongst us it also plainly means that Ramaphosa is a deceiver and cannot be trusted at all.

LMF National Representative, Reyno De Beer, said that Ramaphosa clearly indicated early 2000’s that “he had [has] no interest to return to politics”, but was one of the key culprits during 2008 to oust our previous President, Thabo Mbeki, when he sided then with the Zuma faction. Now suddenly 8 years thereafter, he returns back to the Mbeki camp which is simply opportunistic proving that Ramaphosa have absolutely no allegiance to anyone but to himself.

Even if I don’t like Zuma as a leader, it is evident from history that everyone near Zuma regarded him as a good friend and a dedicated freedom fighter and man of principle” says De Beer.

For some obscure reason two of his “dearest friends” namely Julius Malema and Ramaphosa have left the Zuma camp the one starting his own political party the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) to radically resist Zuma and the other coming in line probably as the best candidate to succeed Zuma as president after he clearly said 15 years ago that he has no interest to return to politics.

De Beer stipulated that “How would it be possible for not even one out of 700 fraud and corruption charges against Zuma not to lead to a conviction, but honestly I find it extremely difficult to believe that even our media punch bag Zuma can be that stupid to make the same mistakes over and over again and then be so arrogant to refuse to do the dignified thing to resign from office.

I am really starting to wonder whether Zuma is not actually the ‘innocent’ one who is protecting us which would justify his actions not to refuse to barge under all the scandals directly targeting him, even if it sounds totally ridiculous to most people now. Let me explain the reason for my madness” Said De Beer in a report.

While Thuli Madonsela was still the Public Protector who has ended her term in office this past Friday (14 October 2016) under big cheering and great appreciation which was also the day when everything backfired in Zuma’s face, her office bluntly refused to investigate alleged high level corruption claims where close friends and business partners of Ramaphosa had been involved in.

These friends of Ramaphosa are all well-known business people in the banking, insurance and Internet communications industries with business links throughout the African continent.

Besides alleged tampering with the evidence in this case and intimidation by the Hawks and in particular by the dismissed Gauteng Hawks Head, Maj./Gen. Shadrack Sibiya and refusal to internally investigate the investigating officers and Sibiya by the then Independent Police Investigation Directorate (IPID) Head and ANC “bad boy”, Robert McBride, even the Minister of Police, Mr. Nkosinathi Nhleko, was unable or not powerful enough to intervene in that case either. Logically someone even higher in the hierarchy than Minister Nhleko, probably someone like a Deputy President or President for example, somehow blocked it. Who could that person be?

LFM is aware and have ample proof in its possession that the media, Naspers and Prime Media affiliates to be exact, had been notified about this matter which was referred to the office of Madonsela many times, but bizarrely none of the newspapers reported on it. Emailed press releases by the complainant had even been deleted on several occasions without being read according to read receipts stating “Emails deleted without being read” as if these media houses were somehow instructed not to publish anything originating from this person.

This complainant also claims that during the time of these suppressed corruption investigations one key witness in the criminal case mysteriously died, the complainant’s phone and emails were intercepted which only ceased once it was reported to the then Acting Head of the National Intelligence Agency (NIA), Adv. Govender, and apparently the complainant also received death threats and on occasions the complainant’s vehicle was also tampered with, to name but a few alleged intimidation to silence the complainant.

Only after Madonsela was reported to the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) – something that was also not mentioned in the mainstream media – her office allocated a reference number to that complaint, after it refused to do anything in that matter for 9 months. After another two months nothing happened in the office of the Public Protector regarding this case besides clearly blocking it from being investigated even further.

Ramaphosa was also linked to a scandal a few years ago when it surfaced that a company in which he used to be a director, Rainprop, allegedly obtained the tender to build the R500 million DTI Campus in Trevenna, Pretoria during the late 1990’s on land owned by the Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality it received free of charge.

According to reports the rent that Rainprop charged to the DTI for the building was so exorbitant that it would have taken only a year or two for this company to get its return on investment which any property developer would say is almost impossible to achieve. Ramaphosa quickly protested that he was nowhere involved in that tender allocation and further investigations and media coverage ceased.

LFM also found another suspicious tender allocation for a security company for a particular government department involving several million Rand to a company where another Ramaphosa business partner was also involved in. The Hawks quickly stopped its criminal investigation in that matter too and no further media coverage about it ever surfaced again as well.

There are also various rumours of Ramaphosa allegedly involved in shady diamond mining and even alleged drug deals, but just as quickly as those rumours surface the media never reports on it ever again. It is as if those allegations never existed.

LFM’s vast intelligence network also received information from people who allege that they know about these alleged organised crime dealings and names of people who might supply more details, like Tito Maleka the sacked ANC Security Operative, start to surface.

Many people also do not know this simply because our media do not report on it at all, but our iron lady Madonsela’s daughter is also the Student Command Leader for the EFF at the University of Johannesburg (UJ) where its Wits Campus had been engulfed in riots for the #FeesMustFall campaign over the past few weeks. Mmmm… Does that startle anyone?

The reinstatement of the criminal charges against Zuma, the #FeesMustFall riots to destabilize the ANC government in which Madonsela’s own daughter allegedly participates, the impossible support of the EFF to the Democratic Alliance (DA) instead of ANC in key metropolitans during the past Local Elections, the sudden death of Fezekile “Khwezi” Ntsukela Kuzwayo the woman who claimed middle 2000’s that Zuma raped her, et cetera sound just too unbelievable at the same time. How many times can lightning struck at the same spot? Seemingly Zuma is a conductor for lightning…

If Zuma is being framed, what could be the reason?

De Beer claims that the reason that Zuma is being framed could find its roots to Pretoria inside the skyscraper glass palace of the SARB.

For those who still don’t know, SARB is the only national regulator which is 100% privately owned and even as a private company tasked to not only regulate the banking industry but also for monetary control over our entire economy. Yes, a bunch of private rich and famous make the decisions for us all relating to our banks and economy people and NOT our Government as many might think!

Although the president appoints the SARB Governor, Deputy-Governor and few other officials on the SARB Board, this board must still obey the decisions of the approximately 160 private shareholders of SARB which effectively means that SARB is not controlled by its Board but by its shareholders.

This SARB system is part of the infamous Rothschild Family Empire which stretches from the Bank of England in the Northern hemisphere, the US Federal Reserve Bank in the West to even the continent of Australia in the South Western corner of our planet.

SARB just like its affiliates are not state owned and the South African Government has absolutely no jurisdiction over it protected by our Constitution. It’s almost as if the SARB is like our own independent Vatican in the heart of our capital Pretoria with also the exclusive right to create our currency the Rand at its leisure and for its own account.

As everyone knows Zuma is a great supporter of the economic bond of Brazil – Russia – India – China – South Africa (BRICS) which created its own central bank outside this Rothschild Empire about 5 years ago serving primarily the needs of developing countries. It was actually the first central bank in history to be established outside this Rothschild Empire to serve several countries at once.

LFM established that Libya claims that its late leader Mummar Gadaffi transferred approximately US$90 Billion worth of gold reserves to South Africa just before the USA, Britain and France invaded it for their greedy needs during 2014. Strangely the approximately 2500 tons of gold are nowhere to be found, or so it seems.

De Beer says that he doesn’t want to be labelled as a conspiracy theorist, but knowing that Gadaffi was actually the pioneer in Africa to propose that the continent need to establish its own independent central bank with its own gold bullion linked African Dinar currency, the possibility is very good that Zuma has in fact managed to transfer those gold reserves to the BRICS Bank and most probably the R6.8 Billion linked to the Gupta Family also landed in the same vault. As he has highlighted, this is only an assumption but could turn out to be the correct point of view.

De Beer says that “if this is indeed the case that the 700 criminal charges against [Zuma] are most probably linked to his efforts to transfer African wealth to the BRICS Bank away from the Rothschild Empire, we all should in fact praise and support him instead of opposing him.

We all know how quickly Shabir Shaik was released and that Zuma never testified at his trial. “Yes, Zuma probably interfered with the release of Shaik, but knowing that the Shaik Family especially Mohammed ‘Mo’ Shaik have good relations with India the possibility is good that even those transactions could have been linked to BRICS” emphasized De Beer.

The fact that all the large banks in South Africa suddenly came out at the same time to close the accounts of the Guptas indicates clearly that the directive came from above, the SARB. It is just impossible for all these banks having its own executives to decide at one instantaneous point to act exactly the same with even similar worded letters to the Gupta Family.

It is also extremely suspicious that the day when Gordhan was served with his one charge of fraud by the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA), the financial markets did not move into the red as would have been the case for any other country if their Minister of Finance would have been criminally charged. This is clearly a further proof that the SARB, which is the market manipulator, is directly involved in this matter without any question.

At this stage LFM does not want to take any sides in this matter, but would like to put it clear that anyone or any structure having the objective to abolish the Rothschild SARB will have its support. The LFM will also ensure that the friends of Ramaphosa are properly investigated even if they need to take the Public Protector to the Constitutional Court which will probably open a can of worms Ramaphosa himself never expected.