DearSA withdrew Lockdown Challenge: LFN questions the Reasons

On Monday, 30 November 2020, the organisation DearSA withdrew its case against the Government in which it had apparently intended to challenge the extensions of the National State of Disaster (NSD).

Liberty Fighters Network (LFN) reported previously that we were angered about the unilateral decision by DearSA to initially agree to, somehow, “allow” the Minister of Health to join this important application and, secondly, to then postpone the court hearing to 15 December 2020.

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“The order granted by Justice Makume did not only make provision for the matter to be removed from the urgent roll, but also that DearSA withdraws the case and each party, which includes the Health Minister as 2nd Respondent – with proper process for joinder having been disregarded – to pay its own costs” says Reyno De Beer, the President of LFN. LFN is unaware that at any time in the history of South Africa a court ever ordered an applicant to withdraw its case in this way. De Beer continues to state that it was highly irregular for a court to order, at the proposition of the applicant, that a matter be withdrawn while the rules of court specifically make provision for the filing of a Notice of Withdrawal in such event.

Both LFN and Panda Knowledge Factory NPC (Panda) had lodged applications to intervene as amici curiae (friends of the Court) in that matter. Neither of them had been communicated with at any point by DearSA regarding it’s intention to ultimately withdraw its case for reasons yet to be explained.

In a discussion De Beer had with Mr. Rob Hutchinson, the current Managing Director of DearSA, shortly after LFN had been informed of this strange outcome, Hutchinson told De Beer that he was not aware that the matter would have been withdrawn.

LFN believes that the announcement by the President to extend the NSD and the additional restrictions, allegedly imposed due to an unconfirmed “spike in cases” and now extending beyond the holiday season, has joined in perfectly with DearSA’s awkward withdrawal.

“The People deserve proper explanations from both DearSA and Hurter Spies Attorneys, who are also the long-time legal team for AfriForum and Solidarity, how this decision came about, full well knowing that this is a matter of grave public concern and that, at least morally, it was not a decision for them to make without regard to the people of South Africa”, De Beer stated.

Meanwhile, LFN is in the process of issuing other Court applications against Government to challenge the questionable COVID-19 statistics which have lead all of us into this so-called Lockdown, without the Government being able to provide any tangible proof whatsoever which could back-up its decisions. LFN hastens to add that propaganda does not become proof, even if repeated ad nauseam by the mainstream media.

LFN will continue to be the voice of the People during these dreadful times of deceit where, apparently, wolves in sheep clothes to pretend saviours when, in fact, another agenda is being followed.

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