Liberty Fighters Network (LFN) has created a Permit (for download on its website) which it says is in protest to the Government refusing to acknowledge defeat that the Lockdown Regulations (except  those few regulations that were excluded from the original judgment) are no longer in force since Wednesday, 24 June 2020.

In reaction to the claimed amendments to the Lockdown Regulations published by the Minister of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs, Dr. Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, in the Government Gazette of 25 June 2020 purporting to be the “new set of regulations”, LFN says that it is impossible to amend something which does no longer exist. Instead, this liberation movement decided to create its own “Permit to Legally Ignore the Lockdown” and has actively begun to distribute it in public and to LFN supporters. The purpose of the LFN Permit is to inform law enforcement agencies that the bearer of it reasonably believes that the Lockdown is over as advocated by LFN and that, therefore, he will not adhere to laws and regulations which are no longer in force.

LFN clearly states in its Peoples’ Permit, which is nothing more than a mockery of the Government who has been treating South Africans like children using dodgy COVID-19 figures to deliberately create fear, that if any of its supporters bearing its Permit should be arrested, such supporter will be regarded as a political prisoner and LFN will immediately alert the UN, AU, SADC, Amnesty International, the United States of America and other International bodies. It will further mobilise all its supporters who fear arrest to find refuge in embassies and consulates of foreign countries in South Africa to requesting political refugee status from these countries.

The human rights abuses of all our people can no longer continue while Government continues to refuse to provide the true figures of our brothers and sisters who have died as a direct result of the unconstitutional and invalid Lockdown. We have received reports about many people who might have died by malnutrition, having committed suicide, through domestic violence, alcohol poisoning and withdrawal symptoms, tobacco withdrawal symptoms, and so the list goes on.

President Reyno De Beer again reiterates that if Government can find a legal criminal charge to arrest him for speaking the truth on behalf of the people he is prepared to face prosecution just like the Apartheid freedom fighters resisting Government for our historic freedoms.

The Peoples’ Permit may be downloaded here.